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I’m in a weird state right now as a pseudo knitting designer type person.  I have had a lot of ideas lately for new patterns, and I have confidence that I can knit them.  I have no confidence, though, that I can write them down, or that I’ll find time to do it.  I realized recently that I think I need to reknit some of the patterns I’ve created, because my errors are legion, and I don’t seem to be able to catch them on reading my patterns over.  Even when they’re glaring, obvious, and really pathetic, involving very basic math.

I’ve been meaning to edit Maude Louise for ages, but I freeze up when I sit down to it, because I can’t seem to spot the errors on my own, or to see where I’ve gone totally, crazily, weirdly wrong.  It’s odd.  I’m not feeling sorry for myself, because honestly, I’m not the person affected most by these mistakes.  I feel awful to be misleading innocent knitters with my errors, but I’m not thinking I’m an awful person who needs to be flogged or anything.  Mostly just thinking.  I managed to mess up my recipe for Arthemis, too, on the first go round, and that was a case of adding ten over and over.  A first grader could have done it correctly, but I managed to mess up.

Anyway, it’s got me in an introspective state, because, as I said, I’ve had an absolute ton of ideas (and have knit a few new items up that I’d like to write up patterns for at some point) and I want to be better at this whole design thing.  It’s why I haven’t written up the Erin Shrug yet, despite requests, and my own intentions, because damn it, I’d like to release a pattern or more that is entirely error free.

Ysolda, who does not have these problems, often knits two of her prototypes, and I’m thinking that even though the idea is somewhat abborhent to me, I may need to do the same, just to test what I’ve written.  And I think I probably need to get my patterns test knit by others as well, in future.

Anyway, this stems from my finding that other people have found major errors on the finished parts of Maude Louise, which is, anyway, an unfinished pattern.  I knew it was unfinished, and I found errors in rereading it before, but I missed some biggies.  I have been meaning to sit down and finish the whole pattern pretty much since I first posted it, but as I said, I’ve frozen up at writing patterns, the more problems that are exposed.  But with all these ideas exploding in my head lately, it’s probably important for me to get better at this, or to invest in some good software that can help me with the math, because as frustrating as it is for me to find myself in all these mistakes, it’s probably a lot more frustrating for those who are actually trying to knit what I’ve written so poorly.

3 Responses to “Designy stuff”

  1. Amanda Says:

    I have been feeling the same way lately. I have received many emails asking when/if I was planning to republish the design I had published in Magknits and part of me really wants to, but the other part of me is just sick over the thought of redoing all that math. The possibilities for mistakes seem endless. Add to that, Ravelry seems to be ripe with those that have no qualms about bashing patterns or designers. It all just seems to be not worth it in the end (especially if the patterns are free). All in all it just seems really frustrating.

    You do come up with beautiful designs, so get them out there. It is like everything else, it just takes a bit of practice. Hang in there and know you are not alone!

  2. Amy Says:

    Don’t get too discouraged. I’ve noticed that design geniuses like Ysolda still have to publish errata occasionally. 🙂

    I hereby volunteer to be a test knitter any day of the week!

  3. Elizabeth ( taliesin on Ravelry ) Says:

    First off, don’t feel bad about not spotting errors when proof-reading your own work. I think it’s very common to miss mistakes when you’ve been working on something for so long. This is why we have professional proof-readers after all.

    Just like knitting, pattern writing is something that takes time to learn. Maude Louise is a lovely pattern, and despite the errors that I’ve noticed I am enjoying knitting it. I totally understand that it’s not possible to test out every size option for the pattern – it would take forever and you’d never get anything published. I’m considering myself a test knitter for the larger sizes, and I hope I’ll be able to provide some useful feedback for you.

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