Stash: Enhanced!

Hello!  I am yummy!

Hello! I am yummy!

Um, yeah, remember all that time ago when I said I’d post again soon and update on various things?  Apparently “soon” meant “not so soon at all, actually”.  Sorry ’bout that! This is going to be a whirlwind survey of an update, dotted through with pictures of purty yarn that people have given me recently, and that I have utterly failed to blog about until now.

Though I have yet to add it to the list of free patterns on the sidebar (that’s going to have to become its own page, I think), the now-named Tamarind Cowl is available here or on Ravelry in free PDF download form.  There are already a few finished Tamarinds out there, and after seeing it on other people, I’m thinking that I may like the way it looks after all!  Yay!

So, OK, yarn.  A number of weeks back, I won a contest on The Lady’s blog.  How cool is that?  I’ve never won yarn before, and the pack she sent me is just gorgeous!  My recent experiences are just leading me to think that knitters are the most generous people out there.  Anyway, it’s all sock yarn, which means I now have all this yummy stuff in a great weight just sitting around begging to be knit.  I couldn’t resist the siren call and I’ve already used up one skein in a little baby sweater.

Parti colored leftovers.

Parti colored leftovers.

The colors that The Lady picked out are just gorgeous – many of them go with colors already in my stash, which is super cool, and some cry out to be knit NOW, even though I have too many projects on the go as it is.  I’m being a real project tart at the moment, stringing a bunch of them along and refusing to commit to any.

Also in the “Knitters Are, Like, Totally Generous” category, Orata remembered that I had mentioned wanting to try Lamb’s Pride some time, and when she had a stash sale, she let me know that she was selling some.  I decided to start small and bought a skein of pretty green to make felted slippers, but look what arrived:

We be Lambs Pride, yo.

We be Lamb's Pride, yo.

I get to play around with more colors and really give this yarn a spin!  Yet more generosity!  I compared the Lamb’s Pride to some Mystery Yarn of Mystery that I got some time back, and I think that it may be the same stuff, so that was cool, too.  I’ve been wondering what that stuff was, and sort of wary of using it until I knew.  Oh, and I like the Lamb’s Pride.  I have yet to make the slippers and see how well it felts, but it’s nice to knit with.

And I’m not done with my praise of knitters, either.  DarlingFloy and I meet up on Mondays to sit and knit and shoot the breeze, and a couple Mondays ago, remembering that I had mentioned wanting to try Knit Picks Essential, she gave me these:



Chocolately, no?  And so nice.  People really are lovely.  I’ll intersperse a few more pictures of the beautiful sock yarn from The Lady throughout the rest of the post.

Let’s see, what else?  This is the worst of delaying too long between posts.  So much happens, and I can’t write about all of it, so it all gets short shrift and ends up crammed into the bottom of a post.  I finally went ahead and added the i-cord border to my Baby Surprise Jacket and sent it off.  It’s amazing what a difference an i-cord border makes.  I had been putting it off and putting it off because somewhere in the back of my head, I was convinced that it would be hard to learn how to make an i-cord border (nevermind that it’s an abbreviation for idiot-cord, which should suggest its difficulty level as pretty low) but it turned out to be very simple, and to really professionalize the look of the jacket.

Surprise with border!

Surprise with border!

Not as surprising the second time round.

Not as surprising the second time round.

After that success, I went ahead and added an i-cord border to Nora’s Tomten (no pictures as yet) and that looks a lot better, too.  I think success is making me cocky, because now I’m eyeing all my projects and wondering how they’d look with an i-cord border.

Sooooo pretty!

Sooooo pretty!

Another finally: I cast on for that skirt that I’ve been talking about for ages.  The one from Greetings from Knit Cafe. (Sad note: Knit Cafe is currently no more.  Mr. Jejune’s last trip there turned out to be right before they closed due to a rent increase, and they’ve yet to find another venue.  I keep hoping for good news, though.)  I’m using the recycled cotton I harvested ages ago by ripping a thrift store turtleneck, and so far it’s going well.  It’s the right weight, and it has a nice depth to it that makes up for the lack of slub.  I really liked the slubby yarn used in the book, but it’s a bit steep for my budget.

Pigeonroof Studios - Oceanwind

Pigeonroof Studios - Oceanwind

I haven’t blogged much about it, but I’ve been working on Gabriel’s jacket for a while now, and the reason I haven’t blogged much about it is that I have been starting and restarting it in a perpetual cycle of frustration, one that was so frustrating that I didn’t feel much like sharing it.  But I’ll mention it now, and add that I hope to have a more successful attempt to show you soon.  The recipe is brilliant, but with all the looseness of a recipe, and with so many cables, I find myself messing up more times than one would think possible.  My most recent attempt made it a few inches in before I realized that I was making a sweater too large for me, let alone my nine year old son.  He’s gigantic, but he’s not that big yet.



I went through some drawers recently and found a One Skein Wonder I’d made for Eleanor heaven knows when.  It was finished except for the ribbed edge, so I added that on and it was done.  I’ll share some pictures in my next post.

More sock yarn.

More sock yarn.

Bleah.  I knew this would be a fast paced mess.  There’s too much going on!  OK, well, hopefully this will be a lesson to me to try to post more often.


3 Responses to “Stash: Enhanced!”

  1. the Lady Says:

    How very fun!

  2. TheHMC Says:

    I haven’t been by to see any of your projects in awhile. You make me wish that I could knit, and I’ve decided that after I’m done crocheting my son’s afghan that I promised him, I’m going to start teaching myself to knit as well. I love crochet, but there are about a million and one projects that I’ve found that are knit patterns and, well, I want to do them, darn it.

    Oh, and when I recently told my mother-in-law how IN to crochet I’ve been lately, she decided to send me a surprise along with the kids’ back-to-school goodies. She sent me over 50oz of a verigated blue for S’s afghan and then threw in an extra TEN skeins of various colors(all 3 and 4 ply). I was so excited I couldn’t see straight.

    P.S. Love the blanket…it’s gorgeous!

  3. Philippa Says:

    Tamarind is a lovely name. Far more elegant than Seed Pod, although I did like that. Hope you’ve been happy-busy, as well as rushed off you feet. xo

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