Ruining Christmas

Remember how my hard drive broke but it was OK, because the Genius Bar folks were going to fix it?  Well, running the risk of major flames for the second time in as many weeks, I am here to tell you that something about wearing a black shirt with the word “GENIUS” emblazoned on it makes people complete jerks.  It’s not just that the geniuses couldn’t save my files.  It’s that combined with the fact that they were borderline rude the whole time my husband spent at the Apple store, combined with the fact that they weren’t keen on giving us back our original hard drive to try to rescue the files ourselves combined with the fact that the hard drive they eventually gave us was not ours at all, which we discovered when we were able to rescue some of the files off of it and found someone else’s vast hip hop collection.  Also, rather than calling when they weren’t able to rescue the files, they called and said, “Your computer is ready,” and then followed it up with an “Oh, and by the way, we weren’t able to save any of the files from your old hard drive,” which just seems unnecessarily to set people up for disappointment, and is a pretty casual way to say, “By the way, you’re totally screwed.”

Yeah.  Hate the Genius Bar.  I may even extend my hate to all geniuses.  Mensa, you are next on my rant list!

I usually start my holiday knitting in the summer months.  This year, I’m behind schedule, but most of what’s on my needles is holiday related.  Therefore, sharing on this blog has become perilous.  At the same time, I hate posting without pictures, so I’m just going to warn people who think they might be receiving a knit gift from me this year that it’s become read at your own risk on Knitting Kninja.

There’s also the fact that one of the gifts I’ve finished is a simple original design, and I will be posting a pattern soonish, so Erin, if you happen to be reading, STOP, or Christmas will be ruined.

Speaking of Erin, does anyone remember the Erin Shrug, my sister’s gift last year, that I kept trying to write up a pattern for and failing miserably?  I’ve been working on a pattern, and I knitted up a second shrug to test it out.  It all went very well indeed, and I solved my problem with creating charts to go with it, but for naught at the moment as the freakin’ charts were EATEN BY MY HARD DRIVE AS SO MUCH DELICIOUS PASTRY!

Ahem.  Sorry – I know I can redo it all, and I still have my notes and some charts to copy from, but it took hours to make those stinking charts, and now they are gone.  So.  I am cross.  However, Erin is next on my list after the Maude Louise rewrite, and I hope to have test knitters on the job soonish.  Pattern writing seems to go a lot better when you lay out a real schedule for it and actually sit down and do some work every day instead of telling yourself that you’re sure you’ll get around to writing up a pattern real soon – maybe sometime next month, and oh, hey, look, someone emailed you adorable pictures of puppies!  Puppies!  Here’s a little peek at Erin II, which is knit in Rowan Scottish Tweed Chunky.  Much as I love this yarn, I don’t recommend it for this particular pattern, as it’s a bit scratchier than is desirable for a close fitting shrug.  Still, very warm, and I’ve been wearing it around the house when I get cold.

Here are some other sneak peeks of things that people receiving gifts from me should really not be looking at.

Stayed tuned for the new pattern!

2 Responses to “Ruining Christmas”

  1. whitney Says:

    Oh, I am so sorry to hear about your harddrive…mine went like that, too. Even the Drivesavers people couldn’t get anything. So horrible…although in my case, the Genius folks were very sweet to me. Who knows! It’s definitely made me even more of a stickler about backing things up, though..

  2. the Lady Says:

    DAMN! That sucks! Well, at the very least, you have warm, beautiful knits to comfort you. But I totally feel you on the hard drive and the jerks.

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