Nature’s first green is gold

Zombified birthday boy.

Zombified birthday boy.

Liam went ahead and turned seven this weekend.  Just before the big day, I remembered a passing request he’d made for a “jungle hat with an Ewok on it”.  I had this bee-yew-tee-full yarn that The Lady sent me in his favorite, and very jungley, shade of green, so I doubled the yarn for speed and whipped up this green gem of a basic little hat.  Then there was the untutored embroidery of the Ewok.  I love embroidering things, but in truth I don’t know how.  I’ve glanced at little pamphlets explaining what to do, but have never bothered to read them.  But it seems to me from my limited and not very skilled experience that embroidery is a lot like both drawing and painting, and that if you have any skill with either of those areas, it is very likely that you can at least make a small pictoral patch.

Mine was drawn freehand, so to speak.  I printed out a few simplified pictures of Ewoks and went to work with three colors of thread: white, brown, and navy.  Those were all the thread colors I had that seemed to work with what I had in mind.  Here’s a tighter view of the result.  It’s not neat embroidery, but I think it works as a picture.

Liam’s birthday was a lot of fun, and very low key.  We had a small family celebration, and Liam helped me bake a cake.  I’m not the world’s best baker, but my cakes tend to taste pretty good, even though they usually turn out sort of flat and sad looking. Yesterday’s cake was a minor exception to the rule.  It didn’t turn out perfectly, but it also did not look as though someone sat upon it.  We watched James and the Giant Peach and ate of cake, and then we listened to Little Richard singing Happy Birthday to Martin Luther King, Jr., because Liam wanted to hear a birthday song on the radio, and that was the most rocking birthday song I found on

It’s very hard for me to believe that my younger son is seven!  He’s built on a smaller scale than his big brother, and his developmental delays sometimes make him seem younger than he is, so it’s a little bittersweet to have him grow up.  I sound like such a stereotypical smothering mother here, but I love having him little and young.  At the same time, I am so, so proud of all the leaps and bounds he has made in the past year, and I am so thrilled at the young man he’s growing into.  Those of you who love someone with an autism spectrum disorder will understand what big news this is: he’s been making multiple friends.  On his own.  I could pop with joy and pride!

I’m feeling rather introspective, and looking back, it’s a little shocking to realize how very young I was when I had each of the boys.  Heck, how very young Mr. Kninja was, too!  It’s been amazing to watch them grow up, and terribly sobering to realize, as Mr. Kninja put it yesterday, that Gabriel is already half grown.  We’ve faced a lot of challenges along the way, but we’re a lucky little family, because every one of our children is wonderful and delightful in different ways.  Happy birthday, Liam!

In less introspective news, I have finished Maude II, save for the buttons.  I have some buttons that are the right size, and I may attach them, but Mr. Kninja thinks, perhaps rightly, that they do not look right with the yarn I used.  I’m torn.  I’d love to simply finish it altogether, write up the new pattern, and move on, but while the buttons in question are inoffensive, is inoffensive the best I should hope for with a lovely new cardigan?  The answer, as I type it, seems obvious enough, and I suppose I’ll have to seek out new buttons for Maude II.

Well, then, tomorrow will be all about the hunting and gathering, I suppose.

5 Responses to “Nature’s first green is gold”

  1. the Lady Says:

    What a beautiful post, and a beautiful ewok! I thought it was something you bought!

  2. Emily Says:

    What a fitting title for a bittersweet post. And a great ewok! I can’t draw for all the tea in China.

  3. merete Says:

    what a lovely hat. i adore it. and your son is so cute. liam is the best name.
    my friend has a son who is severely autistic and i love when she tells me about him. i am in awe of all the wonders she has managed to work in collaboration with him.

  4. Amanda Says:

    What a sweet birthday tribute! My ‘baby boy’ also turned 7 this year, so I know of the smothering mother emotions you are speeking of. The hat is just delightful! Liam has such beautiful, soulful eyes.

  5. Sarah Says:

    Best birthday wishes to Mr. Liam – I can’t believe he’s so grown up! Hearty congratulations to him for all his wonderful growth this year, and to you and Mr. Kn for being such great and supportive parents to help him along the way. Awesome hat, too.

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