In which I discover my stash

Although I am aware that I have a yarn problem, I tend not to think of myself as having a stash when compared to many other knitters of my acquaintance. I read many knitting blogs, and when I do, I often see people say things like, “I already have eight sweaters worth of yarn, so I can’t really justify this purchase,” and my black little heart swells with envy.

“Eight sweaters,” I think. “Wow.”

Recently, though, in addition to taking stock of my starteritis problem (What problem?) I started looking over the stash, and I noticed something. Namely, I have one. I have got a lot of yarn. This was driven home when I looked over my burgeoning queue on Ravelry. I have enough yarn for four of the sweaters on my list in addition to the sweaters that I’m already working on. Beyond that, I have yarn for a shawl and random balls of leftover yarn aplenty.

Much of this yarn has been acquired so gradually that I didn’t even notice it happening. I found a great deal on Rowanspun tweed, for example, and bought a big bag, figuring, (correctly, I must say) that one can never have too much fingering weight tweed. My yarn budget has never been huge, so most of the stash has crept up on me in increments. $13 one month, $20 two months later, and boom – I have a big old pile of wool.

I’m not at the point where I’m hiding stash in creative spaces…no, wait, I am. There’s my yarn cabinet, but it’s never been ideal. So there’s also yarn under the bed and yarn in the closet on my shelves. Ye gods, people, I think I may have a problem. I’m probably only weeks away from my predicted end of slinking down some dark alley and begging a shady fellow in a really beautifully cabled coat for a hit of alpaca.

OK, so let’s take stock. Or rather, let’s choose not to take stock. Let’s take stock only of what seems manageable. The stash has actually been coming in very handy as the holidays approach. Like so many families this year, our belts are tightened to the point of cutting off circulation. There are a lot of seemingly useless half balls of yarn that have made a new appearance as something small and wonderful to be given to a friend or relative. And I know I have many hours of pleasant knitting ahead of me as I move out of the holiday rush, what with all the wool I’m accumulated.

So, it’s good, right?  Yeah, it’s good.  Especially with the aforementioned belt tightening.  I mean, I won’t be able to buy yarn for a while, so it’s good to have a personal stock on hand.  And the possibility of pretty new clothes, too.

The four sweaters for which I have yarn, by the way, should you be interested, are the Footlights Cardigan, Cherry, Global Warming, and Le Lapin Noir.  All lightweight spring and summer sweaters, to be sure, but sweaters nonetheless.


3 Responses to “In which I discover my stash”

  1. the Lady Says:

    Cool, a stash! I’ve really enjoyed starting to knit and spin from mine and think about projects made from it. I found that photographing it really helped me to realize I had one, and to be able to make use of it later.

  2. orata Says:

    I have ridiculous amounts of yarn, but at least it makes me feel very justified in just sitting around and knitting madly to try and get gifts done (how is it December already?) in order to allocate some of the money I spent towards my holiday gift budget rather than my personal craft budget.

    I think it’s good that you’ve been slowly stashing, if you’re forced to go on a yarn diet for a bit; it will feel very luxurious (and virtuous, if you’re using it all up!) to dig out those stashed skeins and cast on for all these new projects over the next few months.

  3. whitney Says:

    Heh, I’m one of those 8-sweaters-worth people. I came into my stash the same way you did, very slowly, in $10-$30 increments…the super-cheap full bags of yarn seemed like a fabulous deal when I was in college, but of course I couldn’t knit it all up fast enough, so now I’ve got all these sweater’s worth batches of yarn hanging over my head, begging me to be knit up. Ravelry has really helped me realize how much I actually have (well, that, and the fact that I’m running out of places to put it where my cats can’t get to it). But it’s a good thing, since we too are tightening our belts, and I’ll be knitting from what I have for quite awhile.

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