Some semblence of order

As I’ve mentioned a few times, I usually start my Christmas knitting during the summer, and this year, I utterly failed to do that, so it’s been a real scramble.  However.

When I sat down in October and made a list of Christmas projects I wanted to have done, there were seventeen projects on that list.  I’ve finished 14 as of right now, and have two more on the needles, so it’s looking pretty good.  I’d still like to actually start in the summer next year, though.

Above is a hat for Gabriel’s stocking – Turn a Square, from Brooklyn Tweed.  You may recognize the yarn – my Malabrigo Rich Chocolate, which has had a long and productive life.  The first half skein was from a swap of Malabrigo leftovers with Darling Floy, and then I bought the second skein when I ran out of yarn putting a border on Grandpa’s Hemlock Ring Blanket.  Then I used the leftovers from that to design the Tamarind Cowl, but I ran out of yarn just before it was done, so I ran back down to the yarn store and picked up another skein.  I had most of a skein of Malabrigo then, so that became Pauline.  And then there was a decent sized hunk of that left over, and now I’ve finally run out of brown Malabrigo in making this little hat for Gabriel, who really does need a new winter hat for the walk to school.

The other yarns are some leftover Lamb’s Pride from Orata and more leftover Malabrigo from Darling Floy.  This pattern is a nifty one – simple, perfect for using up leftovers, and very cute.  And of course, well written.  All Brooklyn Tweed patterns seem to be.  I altered it a wee bit to make it fit my small-headed nine year old.  I cast on 88 stitches, and rather than increasing when I changed needles, I just left it alone.  This worked out well in terms of fitting my kid’s head, as well as I can tell from trying it on myself and the other children, and it used up exactly the amount of brown yarn I had, so that’s good.  A couple of the squares at the end are slightly wonky, but that was because I was trying to knit as fast as I could and I sacrificed perfection to a deadline.

Next up: Mocassin socks for my grandfather.  I’d originally planned on making these long and socklike, but with the deadline looming, I changed my plans and I’m making slipper socks.

Slippers are good, right?  More Christmas-y pictures soon.

One Response to “Some semblence of order”

  1. darlingfloy Says:

    Love the hat!

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