Mathy Math Math McMatherson of Mathland

Oh, my aching brain.

I’ve never taken college level math because I chose to go to art school, and that meant I could stop taking math classes after 10th grade, which I did.  Then off I went to art school where I blithely enjoyed classes that involved little math other than some very basic geometry required to figure out how to build frames and stretch canvas and such.  Little did I realize that I was going to, in this order, become disillusioned with art school in my sophomore year, get knocked up, drop out, and want to transfer into a liberal arts university years later.  Had I known those things, I might have gotten a math requirement out of the way.

As it is, after 15 math-class free years, I’m trying to get back in the saddle and finally rope the steer that is college level math.  (Yeah, that’s an awkward metaphor.  I’m going with it.)  Only, it’s been 15 years since I’ve taken any math class, so my steer roping skills are a bit rusty.  Hell, my riding skills are rusty.  I have to go back over things I’ve already learned before I can take Statistics.  That’s how I ended up in the second Algebra class of my life, about 15 years after the last one.

I actually kind of, sort of like algebra.  Kind of.  Well, as much as I like any math.  There’s a theoretical quality that is at least engaging.

But what this means is that I’m doing a lot of math homework, and then I’m sitting down and doing a lot of math to write up patterns, and now my artsy fartsy pseudo intellectual brain is overloaded and I think I may die of math. Seriously.  If I have to look at more numbers I may spork my eyes out.

I want to knit now, thank you.

4 Responses to “Mathy Math Math McMatherson of Mathland”

  1. CanarySanctuary Says:

    I’m sorry, but I truly did LOL at your post – and I did it because it’s so damn true. I structured my life around avoiding math (thus my art-school pursuits). I’m currently working up the courage to tackly my own mathy steer and size a *gulp* sweater!

  2. the Lady Says:

    Lol. I was always so pissed that one of the teachers at my alma mater insisted that the Anthro major have Statistics as a requirement for the degree, thus making it so. So Pissed! I could have stopped after algebra. Sigh. I feel you. Algebra homework seems to never end.

  3. Amanda Says:

    Girl you will be so glad you took those math classses once it is time to help with 7th grade math homework…

  4. Math Student Says:

    Doing math problems can definitely be boring, especially algebra, but math from the purest level is about ideas. Studying anything else is really just a watered down version of math – except possibly art. The best mathematicians however are artists in their own right. Consider for example Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein. By taking pen to paper one laid the foundation for almost all of modern engineering (and technology) and the other established the equivalence of matter and energy and made nuclear energy possible. Math is the language of the natural world. It’s unfortunate the way that it’s presented in schools.

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