The God of Rainbows

…is what Liam wants to call the jacket I’m making him.

Back, back, back, when I was just starting to knit bigger projects, Liam designed an octopus sweater for himself.  It was, well, really something, and my execution was also really something, but man, he loved that sweater.  He wore it over and over again until it was a pilled mess that wouldn’t even fit over his head.  The experiment made it clear to me that if I let the kids design their own clothes then they will treasure them considerably more than clothes we buy them at the store.  I find it hard to knit for growing kids, though, as they, as likely as not, will have gotten two sizes bigger in the time you’ve been knitting for them.  Anyway, I never have finished poor Gabriel’s sweater, so blithely discussed in the Octo-Sweater post of long ago.

But.  I’m feeling a lot more confident this year, and also in less of a rush, as Gabriel received something like four bulky jackets for Christmas.  And so I’ve started early on next winter’s sweaters, with the confidence that I’ll actually follow through this time.  (I’ve probably just jinxed myself, and next winter you’ll find me writing about how I failed to finish the kids’ sweaters yet again.)

Anyway, back to Liam’s jacket.  He has had a vision.  He asked me for a sweater that was grass green at the bottom, that turned into sky blue above, and that had 8 rainbows with 16 clouds.  He asked me for this, and I thought about it and then I tried to talk him down a little.  We settled on either one rainbow and two clouds across the back, or two rainbows, one on each shoulder.  Then I let the idea marinate.  I figured he might change his mind within a few hours or a few days, but a couple of months later, he’s still set on the same idea.

So, God of Rainbows it is.  I told him that I’d heard of a Goddess of Rainbows, Iris, and promised to look it up and see if there’s a god of rainbows.  (Turns out, in Australian Aboriginal mythology, the Rainbow Snake is the Creator.  Nifty!)  I decided on the Tomten pattern as I could easily imagine how to make a sky on that one that would look interesting, because the Tomten is a pattern that grows with a child, and also because little boys in Tomtens look like rock stars.  I’m going to make the jacket mostly green (Liam’s favorite color), but the upper torso will be pale blue.  I’ll add the rainbow after the fact, both for ease, and in case Liam ever wants to remove it.

He chose to have pockets, so I made the linings pale blue, and I’m planning on using the light blue for i-cord edging as well.  He wants the sweater sans hood, which is a good choice for boys, I think. I may even try to do a zipper again, though I think he’d be happy with buttons.

This will be a unique sweater, but if last time is any measure, it will be a loved sweater.  And man, I love this green.  It’s Cascade 220, Palm, and it’s just delectable.  Bright, but not super bright, and just so danged happy. Whoever the god of rainbows might be, he’s one jolly dude.

3 Responses to “The God of Rainbows”

  1. gregort Says:

    That’s exciting – knitting a knit that will surely be loved by the commissioner of said knit! And really, when else are you going to create a garment that has images of a sunny, rainbowy-day on them? 🙂

  2. the Lady Says:

    Wow, fabulous. I think you should go with the eight rainbows though.

  3. whitney Says:

    Oh, what a wonderful idea for a sweater! I can’t wait to see how you turn his vision into reality.

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