My meanderings, let me share them with you

I know.  I’m the slowest of slow pattern writers.  Maude Louise II, though, is almost graded and finished, and all the secret projects are coming along well.  I just hestitate to set a date when a particular pattern will be done now, because my record is terrible.  Even when I think I’m done, I find more issues I want to resolve.  However, I’m working on Maude, and I’m feeling really good about the changes. Changes, like, you know, making it a finished pattern with a lot of different sizes.

In the nifty news department, I had my first pattern accepted for publication in the Spring Popknits!  I love the Popknits concept…updated vintage clothing is right up my alley…and I love so many of the patterns in the two issues that have come out so far, so I’m very excited to get to be a part of it myself.  I hope you all like the new pattern!

Hey, you remember how, almost a year ago now, I made my mother a Drops swing jacket like mine?  Well, she was up visiting recently, and we finally got pictures of it.

I think it looks adorable on her.  Her sweater is far lighter than the version I made for myself, which is fitting, as the weather where she lives is usually a good bit warmer than the weather here.  The color is off in the above photo, and it’s hard to see the minute variations in the yarn I used, but I think the color is very flattering for her as well.

Sorry, this is a bit of a mess of a post.  I’m trying to post daily or nearly daily, but writing after attending a five hour Algebra class (for which I consumed an inordinate amount of tea in order to stay awake) makes my brain sort of pulpy, so you’re getting the mushy brain version of what I wanted to write.

Um, what else?  The Spring Interweave preview is up, and I’m pleasantly surprised!  I let my subscription to Interweave expire after the Spring 2008 issue, and I have not regretted it, though I think Interweave’s quality has remained high.  It just hasn’t been much to my personal taste.  I also had low expectations after seeing the Spring Knitscene preview.  The patterns look good, but I hate the styling so much that I have trouble seeing past it.  But the Spring Interweave looks great – a lot of variety, and a lot of very pretty designs that aren’t overwhelmed by the styling.  There’s a lot to like, but I was immediately struck by the Petal Halter, the Sweet Tee, the Zickzack Tunic, and Bettie’s Lace Stockings.  I think I’ll be picking up the issue when it hits the stores.

Owls later today!


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