o w l s and eye wrinkles

I’ve been watching, through the magic of Netflix instant viewing (now for Mac, too!) a lot of documentaries lately, among them, The Human Face.  It’s a very good and very interesting program, and I’m enjoying it muchly.  And it’s because of the documentary that I noticed what is wrong with my o w l s photos – no eye wrinkles.  That’s not a real smile.

Which is a shame, because I really do love this sweater.  My excuse is that this was taken on Saturday after my Algebra class, and I was so so tired, too tired to muster up anything like enthusiasm.

I extended the cuffs, as planned, using garter stitch, which looks a little weird, but is fine for a project with limited yarn made specifically to keep me warm.  And I do plan on making another of these sweaters later with more attention to detail and fit, so anything a little off on this one is OK.

Still no eyes on the owls, as the lime green buttons are definitely not going to work.  I heard that there is a sale on buttons at Joann’s, and there’s a Joann’s in walking distance, so I may check that out later this week.

In the meantime, I’m wearing the owls a lot, and they’re lovely and warm, however disenchanted I may appear.


6 Responses to “o w l s and eye wrinkles”

  1. orata Says:

    you should check out Exclusive Buttons! I only found out about it after I moved away from CA 😦


    good luck with your math classes! I think the sweater looks nice–that’s a great pink.

  2. the Lady Says:

    I like you blogging more, it’s fun! And the sweater is nice, it’s really not too tight looking at all. I know what you mean about smiles, sometimes you just can’t muster it. What a nice neckline on that sweater.

  3. merete Says:

    it is such a cute pattern and sweater. made a dress with owls a while ago for my niece. and now she has developed a wool allergy…..

  4. CanarySanctuary Says:

    I knew that yarn would end up looking good! (I need to watch that documentary too. Sounds really interesting).

  5. Jodi Says:

    It looks fabulous! I love cabled owls. BTW, I wouldn’t even bother with the buttons. Super cute without them, and they seem pokey and annoying to launder.

  6. marinade Says:

    I made this sweater also and I love it. I lengthened the arms and body for myself but I am overall very happy with it! Yours looks great in pink, such a pretty color!

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