Making progress

Liam’s Tomten progresses apace.  I’ve started the sky portion and now need to assess whether the sky will extend all the way to the collar, or whether I will place boundaries on atmosphere and return to the green before we get all the way to the top.  The color Liam chose for the sky is Knit Picks’ Wool of the Andes in Powder, which is a discontinued color.

Kudos to Knit Picks, by the way, for listening to its customers.  When I last looked at the Wool of the Andes page, the shade Powder was listed as Clearance, even though it was and is still the same price as regularly priced Wool of the Andes.  Many knitters have noticed Knit Picks’ practice of referring to yarns as clearance when they are discontinued, but not discounted. Since clearance  is usually synonymous with a discount, many people found this confusing.  I’m pleased to note the change.

Anyway, back to the Tomten.  This is my first time using Wool of the Andes.  It’s definitely scratchier than the Cascade 220, and when I look at both at an angle, I see a lot of little hairs sticking up from the Wool of the Andes, though the Cascade appears to be smooth.  I would not say WotA is an inherently scratchy yarn, though, and I expect it to soften up during blocking.  I have an admittedly high tolerance for wool, but I do think that it’s a wearable yarn.  In any case, I get what I paid for – at $1.99 for 110 yards, the price can’t be beat, and the yarn does come in a wide range of attractive colors.

There’s been a lot of swatching this week, as well as the making of a style board, which I hesitate to post because I used a bunch of pictures I found randomly on the internet, and I’m not sure if I’d be violating any copyrights in posting it, since I can’t credit the original photographers and artists.  In any case, I’m looking at a lot of red, gold, and grey, and a lot of vintage styles from different periods for inspiration.  Anna Karina‘s style from the fifties is one I’m keen to study, but I’m also feeling drawn to old fashioned cloches, cabled berets, lace stockings and big, fuzzy collars.

I spent a lot of time using Google Image Search, and adventures in Google Image Search are always exciting.  Check out this garter stitch knitted bonnet from the 1850s!  I’m intrigued.

I’m working on some booties for a friend’s twins, using Colinette Jitterbug that Mai just sent after I was randomly selected in her blog contest.  It’s absolutely gorgeous, and I’m loving working with it!

3 Responses to “Making progress”

  1. missraa Says:

    I so read Anna Karina as Anna Karenina >.<

  2. Sarah Says:

    Maybe you need to go beyond the atmosphere and knit on into outer space! 😉

    Can’t wait to see what your red-gold-gray experiments produce. Do you think there’s whalebone in that bonnet?

  3. the Lady Says:

    I think copyright issues only come up when you are distributing something you don’t have the rights to – whether for money or not. I think posting a picture of a mood board, your artistic process is just fine.

    I’ve heard the Wool of the Andes is scratchy – I’ve gotten pretty good at reading yarn comments on Ravelry and either buying or not buying because of them.

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