Makes me happy

I made a simple mushroom and barley soup for lunch the other day, and you know, it’s a small thing, but man, it was so good.

I love when something simple turns out well.  I used shitake mushrooms when I’d usually use crimini mushrooms, and I was out of chicken broth, so I created a broth out of the onions and mushrooms and a little bit of white wine and soy sauce.  Good stuff.

Also good: Classic Elite Moorland.

I’m writing a new version of my Pauline pattern, this one for littlies.  I’m going with sizes new person through nine year old person, and I wanted to find some good yarns to use for the project.  The Moorland is a lovely soft yarn with a beautiful halo of mohair and alpaca, and it comes in the most gorgeous smoky colors.  Seriously, when I saw it, I ended up standing in front of the various shades for what seemed an age, just mesmerized by the subtle tones.  I was torn between the dusty lavender I ultimately picked and a beautiful smoky rose or a muddied blue.  This is a very rich yarn with a lot of depth.

The end result is so soft, so luxurious, so subtle and sophisticated…I’m in love.  The yarn has the lovely halo of mohair but none of the scratchiness that can sometimes occur.  The only thing I’d warn you about is that the yarn did have a tendency to shed as I was knitting with it, but I think it’s all worthwhile.  It’s like knitting with a kitten.

The flower is made with a little Felted Tweed all doubled up and the leaves are leftover Malabrigo in Stone Blue.  I’d originally planned green leaves, but Eleanor, who is the intended owner of this hat, expressed a preference for blue, and I think her instincts were right on with this one.

I’m going to make a baby sized version with a snapping chin strap rather than ties – no choking or strangling hazards for new little people – and then I’ll release the pattern.  I’m going to use a different DK yarn for the baby version.  I thought it might be helpful to folks to see how it looks in a couple of different yarns, and to get some ideas of substitutes.  The best thing about these smaller hats is how little yarn they use.  It’s a great way to use up a bit of lovely soft stuff that you’ve got lying about.

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  1. the Lady Says:

    What a beautiful thing!

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