Pauline and Paulette

Pauline first: I noticed an error when I was rereading the pattern the other night.  I have no idea how I missed it for so long, but here’s the correction:  For the smaller size, when you reach the Back Shaping, Row 1 should read, “Knit 39 sts,” instead of the 40 stitches it currently specifies. If you downloaded the pattern from Ravelry, you should have received an email to this effect.  I’ve updated the pattern on here and on Ravelry, so if you download it from here on out, it should be correct.

On to Paulette.

I took some modeled shots of the 4T Paulette today.  In French, the -ette suffix is like the Spanish -ita; it’s a diminutive nickname implying youth and cuteness.  I figured Paulette was the perfect name for the diminutive Pauline.

As much as I love the ties on this pattern, I think they could be a strangling hazard for younger children, so the smaller sizes will have a short under-the-chin strap with a snap.  I’ll be making a wee(er) version of Paulette in pale pale pink before I release the pattern.  But I wanted to show off my pretty girl before then (and also, I wanted to have something to blog about – so much of what I’m doing lately is not very interesting to look at) so here are some of the pictures now.

Hopefully, I’ll have a really small Paulette to show you shortly!  Then all I need to do is find a baby to borrow.

One Response to “Pauline and Paulette”

  1. Amy Says:

    I just stopped over here for the link to the Pauline Pattern for by blog. I did so because I reworked the pattern to fit a baby, mine that is due in 3 weeks, and was very thrilled to see you are putting out the smaller sizing! That is great. I wanted to make one for my toddler daughter, too, and was going to start calculating, but I think I’ll just wait for your new release. I just love the one I made for myself back in December. I get LOTS of comments on it, too!

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