The Electric Kool Aid Acid Test

Just like Ken Kesey’s, except that mine involved only the citric acid from the Kool Aid, and there were no hippies, and there wasn’t a bus, and…well, OK, it was nothing like Ken Kesey’s Electric Kool Aid Acid Test.  But it was a test involving Kool Aid.

Check it out!  Yarn!  Dyed by me!  With Kool Aid!

Months and months ago, I ordered a skein of Knit Picks Shadow in Oregon Coast.  I did this because I had a pattern calling for three skeins of Shadow and I had three skeins of Shadow, but then, when I read the pattern, I realized that the swatch part of the pattern used a lot of yarn, and the pattern never said whether I needed an extra skein for that or not.  I figured I’d be safe and I ordered one.  I picked the Oregon Coast color because it looked like an off white on my computer screen, and I thought it would shown the lace pattern clearly.

It arrived, and while it was pretty, it turned out to be beige.  I liked it in the abstract, but I couldn’t picture doing anything with it.  This was OK for as long as I harbored the illusion that it was just swatch yarn, but once I decided to scrap the project in question (a bed jacket that may have had some sizing issues) I was stuck with 440 random yards of beige.

Last night, in a fit of inspiration, I grabbed the sucker, unwound it (it had been in ball form from the days when it was being swatched) and proceeded to dye it in Kool Aid.

I actually messed up.  The first time I stuck it in, I used two packets of Black Cherry and one of Grape, and the color was perfect, but for some reason, I didn’t manage to distribute it evenly.  I looked at the skein and decided that I wasn’t happy with the way the dye was distributed, so I made a new pot with two packets of Orange and one of Lemon.  Then I popped the skein back in.

It’s just right now – better than what I had originally intended.  The orange and yellow toned down the dark red and purple, and it’s got a more unified look, but still a lot of nice variation.  This Kool Aid thing is a little addictive, I’m afraid.

I’m going to make the skein of yarn into a lace scarf – one half of a pattern I have in my head for a scarf and shawl in a lace pattern I made up.


4 Responses to “The Electric Kool Aid Acid Test”

  1. orata Says:

    ooh, pretty! Love that raspberry color.

  2. emmms Says:

    Awesome! I love how that turned out. Interestingly, I’m about to embark on my own overdyeing expedition. I’ll let you know how it turns out!

  3. Anna Says:

    Very pretty! I dyed a sock blank with some kool-aid and it was great fun. I’m itching to do it again as soon as I can afford another blank.

  4. Cheryl Says:

    That skein turned out gorgeous. I now want to dye one myself!

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