Rainbow: check!

The rainbow jacket is done save for buttons, which I’ll attach this weekend.  I have to say, it’s less garish than I expected!  Liam is thrilled with it, and wore it to school today, which is why I only have quick snaps of it as he was heading out the door.  Glamor shots must wait!

So, after all that angst on my part, this is the reaction he got when he showed it off: “Whoa, nice!  My mom is just learning to sew – she can’t make that!”

Yeah, I really had a lot to worry about.

Boy, you can sure tell he’s thrilled, can’t you?  He’s going through a phase where he doesn’t really take smiley pictures.

This was such a rewarding project.  Bringing a child’s idea to fruition is just the most wonderful feeling, and the end result, whether I like it or not, is so appreciated and loved.  And as it happens, much to my surprise, I rather like the rainbow jacket!  It’s absolutely not something I’d have thought of myself, but it clearly means a lot to Liam, and I do love the bright colors.  The pockets don’t show in this picture, but they’re one of my favorite touches.  Every child’s jacket should have a place to store nifty things found on the ground.

The rainbow is simple chain stitch in different shades of fingering weight yarn.  Liam is apparently paying attention because he asked, “Did you crochet that on?” and when I said no, I embroidered it in chain stich, he said, “Chain stitch looks a lot like crochet.”  That’s my boy!

The clouds are the part that all the kids like best.  I took some unspun Finn Wool and knotted it into puffs, and then secured it by sewing it on with a little of the Finn wool that I actually spun.  I’m not sure how well they’ll stay put, but I’m willing to work on the matter.  I was considering trying to needle felt them on later to see if that’s a help.  The clouds would be easy to replace, at least.

That’s pretty much it for today!  I’m dedicating myself to working on the Maude Louise pattern for now, and I’ll let you all know as soon as it’s done!


9 Responses to “Rainbow: check!”

  1. wazzuki Says:

    I love the rainbow jacket and am so admiring of the process of its creation. How wonderful to involve a kid in the whole idea of a garment, and then to bring their design into being. He will love it and look back on it and recall exactly how it looked and felt, cherishing the memory of it like we we all do our favourite kids clothes. And personally I love the colours – especially the icord. Hurrah for Liam! And for you too.

  2. CanarySanctuary Says:

    It’s lovely – and I must admit, doesn’t look like the image I had of it in my brain. I’m so glad it got a warm reception.

  3. Clumsy Knitter Says:

    Yay! I’m glad everything worked out well. It really is a darling sweater. 🙂

  4. Emily Says:

    I love it! And I love the reaction he got. Well done!

  5. the Lady Says:

    What a lovely looking sweater and kiddo! Weren’t there supposed to be 8 rainbows?

  6. Jy Says:

    Handsomely done 😀
    And the statement about POCKETS is correct – I loved a reversible jacket I had when I was 9 and put all sorts of tickets, feathers, rocks etc in the secret inner pockets.
    Sadly my mum threw the stash away when she discovered a smashed shortbread cookie still in its wrapper.

  7. amanda Says:

    what a cute sweater! I like the color combo and how you used it.

  8. whitney Says:

    What a handsome jacket (and kid)! I have so enjoyed getting to watch the process behind this jacket’s creation.

  9. Mary P Jones (MPJ) Says:

    Wow, that’s beautiful! And Liam looks so handsome, smile or no.

    Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on my blog. I thought your comment said it all better than I did! It’s nice to (virtually) meet you.

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