Thank goodness it’s next week

Wow.  This was a crazy and very, very busy week.  I’m exhausted.

I was hoping to have Maude Louise (II) up yesterday, but things got ahead of me in the busy-ness that was the past week.  However, the wonderful Ellen at K2Tog, my local yarn store, helped me so much with the set in sleeves and sizing, and I think everyone planning to knit Maude will benefit from it.  Seriously, it was such an amazing thing to sit down and have the math explained to me in a simple and sensible way, and to walk away with a new and better way of calculating sleeve caps.

I want to reiterate an offer made earlier to anyone who wants to start a Maude Louise sweater: if you want to start now, send me an email, and I’ll be happy to send you as much of the pattern as is currently finished, as well as any help you need along the way.  By the time you get to the parts that aren’t written, the completed pattern should be up.

Paulette will be up shortly, and if you bought Pauline before it was offered as a free pattern, I’ll be contacting you to see if you want a copy of Paulette (for free).  I’m planning on offering Paulette as a paid pattern with a license allowing you to sell the hats you make on Etsy and the like.

My brain feels like mush, so I started a lovely brainless project.  I had ripped out my Malabrigo lace scarf.  It just felt like I wasn’t interested enough to finish it.  Anyway, I took the laceweight and started a simple stockinette shawl, ala Elin.  Actually, I was pretty careless and casual about the whole thing (I cast on during a 4th grade band concert) so I have no idea whether it will even be long enough to be a shawl, or if I’ve just been knitting what will be a weird rectangle of cloth, but it’s relaxing.

Despite the brain fog, or perhaps the cause of it, I’ve been swatching and sketching a lot for some new designs, and I’m very eager to get to the point where I can cast on for one of them in particular.

Hopefully my next post will be soon, include pictures, the Maude Louise pattern, and no more foggy brain.


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