I will be posting a second post about the designer/teacher issue, but things got ahead of me, and before I got to that, we had a fourth birthday that I feel takes precedence.  I mean, how often does your daughter turn the big oh four?  Not that often!

Teeth.  Nora’s got ’em!

We had a lovely day.  The birthday girl had a couple of friends over, friends with lovely parents, which is really key when you’re throwing a birthday celebration. I’m not the most social person out there, so it makes me very, very happy when my children befriend kiddos with parents I can really talk to.  The key seems to be having hermitlike tendencies that mean your child is mostly exposed only to the children of people you’d actually choose to leave the house to see.

Money’s been a rather tight of late, so I decided to revive last year’s failed birthday knit.  I already had the yarn, and several completed limbs of a Muswell cat that had been sitting in a drawer for a year.  It’s such an adorable pattern, but I don’t love dpns, and knitting with worsted weight yarn on size 2 needles was painful and tiring, so I’d done my see no evil trick and shoved the whole thing into the drawer, which is the knitting equivalent of joining the French Foreign Legion.  I shove it there to forget.

But with the birthday deadline looming, the cat made a reappearance.  This is a girl who loves dolls and cats and playing dress up with her toys, and I knew that if I could actually finish the darn thing, it would be a big old hit.  There was a minor catch, however.  When I bought the pattern, I downloaded a PDF to my computer.  I printed out one copy and used that to get started.  In the months between when I started and when I took it up again, my hard drive crashed and all patterns saved to the computer were lost.  The one copy of the pattern I’d printed was missing one or two pages.  And since I was trying to save money, I didn’t want to buy a second copy right then.

This means that the muzzle and the ears and the dress are made up out of my head, and any wonkiness is due to my limited imagination and time constraints, not the pattern, which is extremely well written and adorable.  I left off the tail, figuring I didn’t have time and that the dress would fit better without it.  This was a lucky decision.  I had one skein of Cascade 220, and to finish the limbs, body, head, and ears, took all of it.  I have only a few yards left.  The muzzle was knitted in Rowanspun 4 ply, held triple, and the dress is a random skein I got in a swap.  I suspect it to be Kathmandu Tweed DK, but cannot prove it.

I don’t have a picture of it, but there’s a detail I really like on the dress. The straps cross in back and I used some really cute buttons on the inside of the dress so that Eleanor can take the dress on and off.  Since she’s currently into pink and bows, the dress has a little bow right on the front.

I’m really, really happy with this project.  Nora loved it, and has been carrying it about since she got it.  The cat is named Fleesa, after a cat she’s been drawing a lot lately.  It was pretty cool to see her realize that – ZOUNDS! – the character she’d imagined had somehow become tangible!  She has already requested more clothes for the fleecy feline, and Fleesa is sleeping in her bed at night.

All in all, a successful venture!

10 Responses to “Quadtastic!”

  1. whitney Says:

    Happy 4th birthday, Nora!

    That is a seriously cute stuffed cat. I love the idea of a whole hand-knit wardrobe for Fleesa.

  2. orata Says:

    that cat is adorable! Happy birthday to Nora!

  3. the Lady Says:

    So cute!

  4. Sarah Says:

    I’d say Nora herself seems to be quite the successful venture — I can’t believe she’s four already! Love the cat, and the pictures of the girl with the cat. And good for you for getting back in the saddle with the knitted toys. I have three legs and an ear of a rabbit floating around in the bottom of a bag somewhere…

  5. cosymakes Says:

    i love it when the knit is just perfect 😉 lovely cat.

  6. Jessica Says:

    How adorable! Nora is one lucky girl.

  7. MrKninja Says:

    After trying to get you to knit a toy for years, it’s very satisfying to see Nora carrying Fleesa everywhere and loving her so much. You did a lovely job on her. Our kids are so lovely to have so many handmade gifts from their momma!

    Now, if you could just finish that striped sweater for me…

  8. Emily Says:

    OK, those are some of the cutest photos I have seen in a long time. Congrats on a beautiful daughter and an adorable kitty.

  9. Casey Says:

    What a darling 4 year old! The kitty is quite cute too and well-loved it seems. I’m in search of a knitted gift for my daughter’s second birthday in a month. Maybe she’ll get a kitty too!

  10. Tommy U. Burnette Says:

    I am having trouble with seeing your site properly with the most recent release of Opera. Looks fine in IE7 and Firefox though.Hope you have a great day.

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