I was in Los Angeles visiting family for the last week, so my interneting has been sporadic.  (Yes, I just verbed a noun.  My grammar crumbles in the face of the temptation offered by a living language.)  It was a lovely week, and it was so nice to visit.  My eldest turned ten while we were there – ten!  Double digits!  We gave him a new trumpet, red, and he spent much of the week swimming in Grammie’s pool.

Our return late yesterday was nice.  There was a box from Simon and Schuster in front of our door, containing the 2010 Pattern a Day calendar, with a new pattern from me in it.  I’ll be releasing the pattern (a simple lace cowl) for free sometime soon.  I also got a milestone rejection when my package for Knitscene was returned.  I don’t feel especially bad about this.  I’d never sent to one of the big magazines before and hadn’t expected to get in on my first try.  I’m particularly proud of one of the proposed patterns sent, and will be working on it one way or another anyway, and it was an experience submitting to a print publication.  And I learned a heck of a lot just by trying, so I’m actually feeling pretty good about the whole episode.

I’m swatching for a mess of secret projects, which I can’t show you, but I’m also working on some Knitting Kninja patterns, which I can talk about.  Do you remember my erstwhile Erin shrug?  I made it two years ago for my sister Erin for Christmas, and then planned to write up a pattern.  That took ages, and then my computer crashed and lost all my charts and data and while I had notes and printed information on hand, I was made so cross by the loss that I pretty much scrapped the whole thing for a while.  This grumpiness was compounded by my poor yarn choice for the sample knit.  I used Rowan Scottish Tweed Chunky, which I adore, but which turns out to be a terrible choice for a close fitting shrug.  I do not normally find this to be a scratchy yarn, but when it’s tight on my arms, I do not like it.  Moreover, it’s awfully stiff for something that needs a little drape.  Just a bad choice on my part.  And since I didn’t really know with what yarn I wanted to start again, I put the whole project to one side.

But I’m feeling a lot more confident now, and I ordered a mess of Malabrigo Chunky to start anew.  It’s a soft, easily available yarn that I think should serve admirably.

I’m also at work on a fitted pullover with long puffed sleeves, unnamed as yet, though I have some ideas.  I’m using the gorgeous mermaid tress yarn I got from Malabrigo, and it makes me think of the sea.  Working title is Maris, but I’m also thinkin Naiad could be nice.  Because the yarn is handpainted, I’m knitting two rows in one skein, one row in another, to prevent sharp color changes between skeins and to keep the overall impression somewhat even.

I’m sorry this post is so free of pictures.  I have yet to upload anything, I’m afraid.  But I can show you the working Maris/Naiad/whatever soon enough, as it’s speeding right along!


One Response to “Hello!”

  1. Marion Says:

    Cannot wait for the new patterns!

    BTW, if you drop by my blog, you will learn how *your* Rowanspun Clothilde led to a miracle in *my* life. Thank you for this, too!

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