Oh, also

I started a Ravelry group, Dangerous With Pointy Sticks, for anyone interested in Knitting Kninja patterns, whether as a knitter, test knitter, or just as one of my friends!  I figured that with the number of emails and private messages I get regarding my patterns these days, it might make more sense to run individual threads for each pattern so people can search for tips and ideas there.  I plan on offering test knitting opportunities to the group first, and this way the test knitters will be able to consult and compare with each other as well as with me.

The kids have started back at school, but so have I, so while I have a little more time during the day, it’s still pretty busy around here.  Nonetheless, I hope to keep moving and to have more patterns available on a fairly regular rotation.  Happy knitting, and I hope to see you in my group!

Oh, and here’s a picture of the front of the shrug, as per requests, complete with the slightly strained smile of a woman wearing wet wool in August.

6 Responses to “Oh, also”

  1. Trista Says:

    So Cute!

  2. Julie Says:

    I really love this shrug! and the colour is just gorgeous. Off to join the group!

  3. Tracy Says:

    I joined! I also added pictures of all of the Tamarind cowls I have knot so far since there were not any projects posted yet.

  4. j Says:

    The collar is elegant; simple and striking. And that is a perfect color for you.

  5. wfuteach Says:

    Screw the shrug, can I have your body?

    This pregnancy (with #3) thing is getting to me. LOL!

  6. Sue Says:

    I just want to say that not only is your work beautiful, but so are you! (Inside and out, by the way). I say this with not one little bit of motherly bias…

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