On head size

Today I happened to have a tape measure in my pocket as I was out walking with the kids.  On a whim, and to keep them entertained, I whipped it out and offered to measure their heads.  We are, for reference, Eleanor, 4, Liam, almost 8, Gabriel, 10, and me, 30.  And we all have almost the same size head.  In fact, of the lot of us, Liam has the biggest head at 21 inches plus a little.  Eleanor has the smallest, at 20 inches, but the largest proportionally.  Gabriel and I both have about a 21 inch head.  No wonder hat size is such a wonky prospect!  And it also explains why I can wear Eleanor’s new hat.  (No pictures of me in a toddler sized hat, I’m afraid.  I didn’t think to take any when I tried it on.)

This is Nora’s new hat, a test knit of a new pattern from Nina Machlin Dayton.  This is a very cool pattern – simple, but well written and clever.  The long brim is stylish, warm, and helps the hat stay on.  I love how the purl rows give the hat a totally different look than the usual plain toque!  Nora needed a new hat for winter, and I was so excited to have an opportunity to test knit this pattern. I don’t have a ton of time for extra curricular knitting these days, but hats are fast, and as I say, I loved this pattern.

The yarn I used is some Patons Worsted Merino that I had in the stash.  It’s a yarn that’s long been troubling me.  I like the look of it in the skein, but it tends to pool badly when knit up, as it did in this case.  However, I overdyed it with some food coloring that I had in the cupboard, and I think it’s quite nice now.  This is what it looked like prior to its red dye and vinegar bath:

Blotchy, no?  I mean, you can see the cute hat structure under there, but the pooling looks like a skin condition.  It’s too bad, really, as I think the colors are very striking.  Girly, but without being typical, and they’re a little more sophisticated than the usual red and pink combos.  Oh well.  At least it was fixable!  And the timing was excellent, as Nora really did need a new hat.  It’s starting to get cooler in the mornings here, and since we walk to school, our ears are especially vulnerable.  I try to have warm caps for all the kids come winter, and this is a great start to hat season!

3 Responses to “On head size”

  1. Emily Says:

    “the pooling looks like a skin condition”

    Haha, well-spotted and eloquently described! I think your fix is a great one, and the hat’s super-cute.

  2. Julie Says:

    overdying the hat was a great idea- it looks beautiful! That’s too cute that you and the kids have such similar head sizes.

  3. MrKninja Says:

    Just for the record, my hat size is a 71/2, by far the largest in the family. How you squeeze all those brains in such a tiny head, I’ll never know 😉

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