What a drag

Literally.  The reason for the radio silence is that while I was holding her arm, Eleanor dropped suddenly to the ground, jerking me off balance and yanking something badly out of place in my lower back.  This has gotten progressively less painful over the week, but sitting up for any length of time is hard, and then, to cap it, if I stand up straight my sciatic nerve must be pinched.  There’s no pain associated with it, but my left leg dangles uselessly and I have to drag it along when I walk.  When I bend forward or sit or lie down, the pressure must be taken off the nerve, because the leg then can bend again, and most of the tingling in my foot disappears.  It’s bizarre, and thoroughly unpleasant, but will hopefully be at an end soon.  I have an appointment with a chiropractor tomorrow and I’m hoping he can prod things into place and get me back on track.

I’m feeling again like the weak one in the herd – the one who would, and should, be left behind at the first sign of danger.  Thank goodness humans are not prey animals, I suppose.  Anyway, it’s left me rather sulky and down this week, so in addition to being unable to sit up too long, I just didn’t have much to write that wasn’t ridiculously self pitying.

But, to quote Pollyanna, there’s always something to be glad about, and while I can’t hope to emulate that urchin’s chipper and sunny outlook, she’s kind of right.  (I hope this does not affect my standing as a registered curmudgeon.)  So yeah, OK, my leg is dragging, but I have an appointment to get it fixed and it’s a gorgeous autumn day.  One of my best friends and my brother are coming to visit, and I’ve gotten some knitting done.

I’m on a hat kick.  I love hats.  Love, love, love hats.  I love how in old movies, everyone is wearing a hat, and I love the variety thereof.  I think it’s a darn shame that Jack Kennedy’s giant head (note: Kennedy actually means large, mishapen head) put an end to the days of hat wearing in America.  (This is what my husband tells me anyway.  He says that Jack Kennedy’s head was so large that it was hard to find hats that fit him, and his brazen bareheaded ways changed the fashion in the States.   Since Mr. Kninja is the only person I know who has actually worked in a hat shop, I am taking his word for it.)

So I’ve been making hats.  I test knit a second hat for Nina Machlin Dayton, and it is awesome sauce.

(I didn’t realize it until I took this picture, but I think all Urban Outfitters catalog shoots may take place in my bathroom.  The lighting is really weird and retro in there.)

The name of this hat is Medici, and you can see why.  It’s got this cool, Renaissance look about it that is very appealing, and, I think, very flattering to many a head.  I made this one for my friend Christine, using Trekking held together with mohair unraveled from a sweater I found at Goodwill in order to make a worsted weight yarn.  The result, as Liam put it, is “Sophisticated, but somewhat itchy.”  Actually, the itch is pretty much nil, but I thought that was a hilarious way to describe mohair.

The Medici pattern is awesome.  Terribly, terribly clever, with lots of short row shaping, brilliant photo instructions, and a wonderful result that only becomes clear at the very end.

The color’s a lot more accurate in this picture.  I love the way the stockinette forms a circle at the back.  Genius.

I also knit Ysolda’s Ripley, my first knit from Whimsical Little Knits 2.

This one’s for me.  Unfortunately, while I love it passionately, I do not love it with my current hair.  This picture is better than it looks in general, but it decidedly needs hair peeking out beneath it to look good.  It’s hard to make my hair peek out right now, so I am going to save this for when my hair grows out a bit and I have a bob.  It was great fun to knit, though, and of course, the pattern was brilliant.  My favorite details were some gorgeous illustrations (!) that really made the pleating technique clear.

Which pleating, by the way, is very fun to do.  This hat is knit with worsted weight yarn on size 10 needles, so it goes very fast indeed.

It’s been nice to have these to work on when I’ve been somewhat prone.  I somehow lost my size 6 and 7 circulars (the 16 inch ones) in the midst of all this, so I can’t get started on the next hat yet.  Liam wants a red and purple striped long stocking cap for his winter hat, and I have the yarn, but not the needles.  But things are going to get better, by gum, so soon I’m going to have a working leg and my needles!


5 Responses to “What a drag”

  1. theLady Says:

    Oooh, bummer on the back. I so feel you. I’m glad you’re going to a chiropractor! If he doesn’t work out I’ll give you the number of mine. Nice Hats!!!

  2. Marin Says:

    Nice hats. I especially like your yarn-combining choices on Medici. Also, I can think of quite a few things in the world that can be described as “sophisticated, but somewhat itchy.” Love it! 🙂

  3. Jessica Says:

    Those are really cute on you. I saw two older ladies wearing wide-brimmed hats in the grocery store this morning. So, maybe not everyone has given up on hats.

    I hope you feel better soon.

  4. Sarah Says:

    Augh, you poor thing! I hope the chiropractor can fix you right up. The herd would be quite woebegone to find themselves leaderless, I’m certain.

    Way to rock the hats. And Liam is hilarious.

  5. Samantha New Designer Fashion Says:

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