Entrechat is finally out for test knitting and tech editing, so a big old woot! on that one!  I know it’s not when I’d hoped to have it released, but it will be out soon.

I finished the February baby sweater in Wool Candy.  I love the yarn very much – it blocked out nicely, the color is marvelous, and it is so, so soft.  Perfect baby yarn.  I have enough leftover for a bonnet and booties, so I’m going to make a full set.

I need to get a close up on the buttons.  They’re very pretty.  I originally bought them for Maude Louise the first, but they were far too small, and I had to change them out.  I’m glad to finally put them to use, and especially on a garment I’d hoped to make very special.

There’s not a lot to be said about the pattern that hasn’t already been said.  This is my second February baby sweater, so I was more ready to change things to suit me.  And I remembered to start the button holes early on, rather than waiting for the pattern to tell me to.  It’s important to read through the whole thing before you start, so that you won’t be surprised when you realize you’re several inches in and haven’t placed a button hole.  At least it is if you happen to be me.

I don’t have a current picture, but I’m also working on a fun test knit for Stephen over at Westknits.  These are mitts with a cool stripe and lattice pattern called the Diamondback mitts, and they are so quick, and such a great stashbuster.  I’m using leftover RYC Soft Lux together with Kool Aid dyed Rowanspun held double with Shibuiknits Sock.  I love how they look like crazy candy canes!  The first mitt is done and Mr. Kninja surprised me by asking for a pair – two pair, actually.  He loves the way the lattice looks like architectural struts, holding up the striped material.  He’s planning on rooting through my stash later to find the perfect colors.

Here’s what it looked like when I was just getting started and also could not focus my camera.  Because I am awesome that way.

I think these will match my coat, which is very, very red.  Plus they are festive and warm and wonderful.  The pattern will be released very soon, so keep your eye on the pattern page at Ravelry.


5 Responses to “Onward!”

  1. the Lady Says:

    That is the best Feb Baby Sweater I’ve seen, I love that color.

  2. Julie Says:

    the baby sweater looks so deliciously comfy! Great job. And I love the beginning of those mittens!!

  3. orata Says:

    I love the little baby sweater! Looking forward to seeing Entrechat when it’s all done and released.

  4. Emilee Says:

    That baby sweater is darling!

  5. whitney Says:

    Oooh, I love your February Baby Sweater! I’m planning on knitting one up for my future niece (she’s due in February, how could I not knit her one?!).

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