I never remember about lifelines

Which is why I’m going to have to pick back about four rows of laceweight yarn a stitch at a time, when I’m almost done with a large triangle shawl.  Oy. It’s also because the charts that looked awesome when they were just charts are not quite as awesome when they’re the edging to my shawl.  Back to the drawing board Excel.

Other than that, things are sailing along pretty smoothly on the knitting front.  On the domestic front, there’s been a little turmoil related to math homework (not mine) and I have laryngitis.  But I also have this big-ass cake of yarn, so life’s not all bad.


2 Responses to “I never remember about lifelines”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Oh crud, laryngitis? No fun! I guess at least you don’t have math homework as well. That sounds really miserable. (And I’m editing an algebra text, so I should know.) Feel better soon!

  2. Emily Says:

    I never bother with lifelines, either – I just rip out and take the consequences. 🙂 Hope your tinking goes well and the math homework drama subsides.

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