Movin’ right along

Footloose and fancy free!

Firstly, here’s a project I never really documented on here.

Liam wanted a stocking cap with a long tail, red and purple stripes, and a yellow or black tassel.  The boy knows what he likes.  I made this back in November, when I was still in bed with flu, and never really got a decent picture of it.  Although there are plenty of good striped stocking cap patterns out there, I didn’t use one.  I looked at a seamed cap I had been given back in high school and modeled it on that, placing all the decreases at the back, like a seam, even though I knit it in the round.  The yarn is Cascade 220, and I was so pleased to find a red and a purple that contrasted so well.

As you can see by the disintegrating tassel, it gets a lot of wear.  I’ll say this: when I let the kids design their own clothes, they really do use them.

I’m calling this hat Smee, after the stocking be-capped character in Disney’s version of Peter Pan.  His cap was neither striped, nor so long, but there’s something about this brightly colored silliness that calls to mind cartoon pirates.

As does this photo.  Boyo didn’t want his picture taken.  You may recognize the infamous Rainbow Jacket, which he’s also wearing.

In December, the epic struggle with Gabriel’s long (long, long) suffering sweater ended when I finally finished the damn thing.  It’s intentionally sized too large, as one of the problems that was ongoing in making the sweater was the fact that he just kept growing.  The child is ten years old and over five feet tall, and he doesn’t grow in spurts, but rather continues steadily on, just getting bigger and bigger and bigger.  He wore the sweater off to school today, and I snapped a quick and terrible picture of him wearing it, standing in front of the heater to warm it before he left.

The crease down the middle from how it was folded really adds to the terrible photograph effect.  I used Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Seamless Hybrid recipe, with cables up the sleeves and onto the shoulders, which doesn’t show in this picture.  Gabriel wanted a blue sweater with brown edges on the sleeves and the collar, so that’s what I did, using Knit Picks Telemark.  If I never use that yarn again, it will be too soon.  There’s nothing inherently wrong with it, though it’s a bit scratchy, but I had so many things go wrong with this sweater that I’ve got an overwhelming conviction that my yarn was cursed.  The sweater shown here is at least incarnation number five in the same yarn.  And even it, as straightforward as it was, had a bunch of things go wrong that required huge amounts of ripping.  As a result, while it’s not the most attractive thing I think I’ve ever made, I think it’s the project that left my needles with the most personal satisfaction I’ve ever had about a knitting project.  I just wanted never to have to knit it again.

Here are the cables, from an older photo.

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