In between

In between the big projects, I like to work on a lot of little projects to keep me from running mad.  Most of my knitting time at the moment is devoted to Sunniva, but when I can say, “I’ve made some real progress today and now I need to set this down because my mind is starting to wander,” that’s when I can pick up one of the little projects.

The main little project right now is Veyla.  I loved the pattern as soon as it came out, and since I have far more Ochre Sock than I need for Sunniva, I’m using a small amount of my spare skein to make a pair of lacy and lovely little mitts.  This is actually a fast, well written project, but I’m inching along ever so slowly, primarily because I only knit a few rows at a go, between long bouts with Sunniva.

That was my only little project for a while.  I finished a little birthday surprise (sort of surprise, anyway) for my mom, but it was just Veyla and Sunniva, Sunniva and Veyla, until I realized that Liam doesn’t have a cowl and doesn’t wear his scarf.  All of my kids are asthmatic, and it’s essential to keep the neck well wrapped in cold weather.  I had a coupon to my local yarn store, so I used it to get a skein of Malabrigo Worsted in a color of Liam’s choice, and then I was all set to make him a Windschief cowl, just like his brother’s, but it turned out Liam had other ideas.  Yeah.  He wanted a cowl with a rocket on it.  So I thought, “Fine.  There are all these cool dishcloth patterns with pretty pictures on them, and surely someone has come up with a rocket chart.”

Not so much.  There is a cute rocket dishcloth, but it appears to be written rather than charted, and what I really wanted was a chart.  So I made one.  And now I’m spending my spare time whipping up a rocket cowl.

My chart is cute, but unfortunately, Liam did not choose a solid colored skein of Malabrigo.  It’s not wildly variegated, but it is variegated, and that is obscuring the rocket a bit.  But, on the other hand, it’s a rocket cowl!  In Emerald Blue!

The big project of the last week was painting our living room wall.  That took a lot more work than I’d imagined.  But now we have a green wall!

This picture was taken before I’d finished putting things back on the bookshelves, but I’m very happy with the color, and it just makes the room feel so much warmer and less sterile.

Splayed on the back of the couch, and somewhat visible, is the Kaffe Fassett fabric I used to make throw pillows for the couch.  I have a good deal of it left, and was trying to figure out other ways to use it in the room.  I think it really ties all the colors together.

So that’s what I’m up to lately apart from the new pattern!  It’s nice to have small, relaxing projects as well as the big hairy ones.

One Response to “In between”

  1. Julie Says:

    Your Veyla is looking lovely so far, but I’m greatly intrigued by the rocket cowl!! Who wouldn’t love a rocket cowl!

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