By rocket to the moon

A diversion: all of my kids are asthmatic, and it helps if asthmatics stay bundled when it’s cold out, especially around the throat.  I made Gabriel a cowl back in December or early January (yet to be photographed, because he keeps wearing it!) and this month, all of a sudden, I realized that Liam has no cowl.  He does have a scarf, which is why I hadn’t made one, but he never wears his scarf.  He says it is too itchy.

When I combined the knowledge that Liam needs a warm, non itchy cowl, that it’s Malabrigo March, that he’s been working hard in school, and that I had a coupon to my local yarn store, it became clear what I needed to do.  After one of his good days, we went by the yarn store on our way home from school (it is around the corner from the school, for extra temptation convenience) and he picked out a skein of Blue Emerald Malabrigo.  Very nice.  OK, so, I’m thinking, another Windschief Cowl.  Fast, attractive, and interesting to knit.

No.  Turns out Liam had something in mind.  He wanted images on his cowl.  A lot of images actually.  So I told him that we’d go home, and he could draw a picture of what he wanted on his cowl.  He filled a page with towers, monsters, and rockets.   Hmmm….

One picture, I said.  Just one.  Pick your favorite, and I’ll figure out a way to put it on the cowl.  He picked a rocket.  Hmmmm…

So I thought about this.  There are a lot of cute dishcloth and washcloth patterns out there that use knit and purl stitches to make raised pictures.  I could apply the same principle to a cowl, surely.  I looked up rocket dishcloths, and found that the dishcloth world is surprisingly thin on space themed packages.  (Dishcloth knitters, perhaps this is a void that needs filling!)  I did find a dishcloth with a rocket on it, and was all set to buy the pattern when I noticed that it appeared to be written rather than charted, and my only reason for buying a pattern was that I was feeling lazy and didn’t want to have to make a chart.  If I was going to have to make one anyway, I figured, it might as well be original.

So I made a rocket chart.  And the kids watched me do it and asked what program I was using (Excel) and then asked if they could draw in Excel when I was done.  Turns out that Excel is crazy amounts of fun for wee folk.  They were at it for a while while I sat on the couch with my new chart in front of me and my newly wound yarn and I whipped out a cowl that evening.  Their Excel drawings were surprisingly sophisticated, too, so I’m thinking that I may take them on as slave labor helpers and get them to make fun charts for me in future.

Last night I grabbed the finished knitting and stitched a little edging around the rocket.  This is most unimpressive backstitching, but hey, it works, and Liam loves it.  Tonight, after working on Sunniva and Veyla, I’ll sew in the ends.

I love my little rocket.  It gives me a satisfyingly Tintin-Destination Moon kind of feeling.  (And I have They Might Be Giants’ song of the same name running through my head like a March hare.)

I’m not going to write up this exact pattern.  I think the rocket’s too big, because when it’s worn, the rocket crumples and doesn’t read.  Liam doesn’t care, and it’s his cowl, so that’s all good.  But I care.  However, I’m thinking I’ll make a little package of space themed cowls (two? one with a robot?) in sport weight solid-colored yarn, because, dude, rocket cowl.  I mean, it’s a cowl, with a rocket on it.  Good thinking, Liam.

4 Responses to “By rocket to the moon”

  1. knittersplayground Says:

    A fun little alien to go with the rocket would be great! (hint hint)

  2. Valerie Says:

    Adorable… I’d definitely be putting those kids to good use!

  3. thea Says:

    This is sooooo adorable! You should put it on a sweater for him so everyone can see……. (but that’s a lot more knitting :-)_

  4. ian macalister Says:

    any 1 know where i can learn to knit?

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