Oh, God, I can see forever!

Look at that!  It’s most of a sock!  I am not getting cocky yet, because I’ve made single socks before, but hey, it’s most of a sock!

The yarn is my Snowflake Sock in Cthulhu from Little Red Bicycle and my picture here does not do it justice.  This yarn, pretty as it was in the skein, is even better knit up.  The way the colors fall reminds me of Dream in Color, but the tones themselves are quite different.  The blacks and greens look almost metallic, and I’m so so glad I picked this color, because even though it is essentially a semi solid, the various tones are so beautiful that I keep wanting to knit just a little more to see what it will look like.

The pattern is Child’s First Sock (appropriately enough) from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush.  This is such a cool little book.  I don’t own it, not being a sock knitter, but my library has it, and it’s worth a look through even if you don’t plan on knitting anything in it.  The patterns are updated versions of vintage sock patterns, and they’re really lovely and clear.

I’d originally started on a pair of Julia socks.  These are, in my opinion, just about the prettiest socks out there.  Unfortunately, the twisted stitches were hurting my hands a bit (they’re very stiff this week) and I had to put Julia on hold for the future.  The whole point of this project is to start and finish a pair of fingering weight socks, and I want no reasons to stop or to turn back partway through, so I’m going to save the pattern for later.  Other socks I will eventually knit, provided this goes well, include the gorgeous Francie socks, the Delicious Knee Socks, and the ubiquitous Monkeys.  I am a great admirer of handknit socks, and the single socks I’ve completed have convinced me that yes, it’s worth the cost and time to have such comfy and lovely foot coverings, but my hands are just not as keen on working socks as they are at working on sweaters and mitts and hats.

Moving on from socks, I will be writing up the baby sweater over the next couple of weeks and then hopefully getting it tested, edited, and released in May.  Surprisingly, I used only one skein of Shibui Sock for the main color, and a very small amount for the contrast color, so if you’re knitting for a small baby, you can probably make this using leftover sock yarn, or single skeins of Koigu and Louet Gems, or other smaller skeined fingering weights.

I’ve been thinking a lot about good patterns.  Not just well written patterns, but patterns that result in a garment that looks good on a lot of different people, despite differing body types and looks.  There are very few of these patterns out there and many, many excellent patterns that don’t quite fit the category.  However, I’ve noticed that Audrey in Unst has looked good on every single person who has made it.  I hadn’t considered making it when it came out, even though I liked it, but as I see person after person complete it and not a one look anything other than great, it hit my list.  Kate Davies’ Manu is another that has moved up my mental queue as I’ve seen people complete them and have noticed that it looks great on everyone.  Are there other patterns you’ve noticed that tend to work for almost everyone who knits them?  I’m trying to mentally connect the dots and see what these various patterns have in common.

Edited to add: The creepy title of this post is a Lovecraft quote, in reference to the Cthulhu colored sock yarn.  I’ve never read Lovecraft, but I do like to see Cthulu jokes on the internet, like Hello Cthulhu, the Family Cthulhu, and some of the LOLTHULHUs. I apologize in advance for the work you now will not get done.


5 Responses to “Oh, God, I can see forever!”

  1. Leah Says:

    I like your point about gravitating to patterns that look good on every body. I’m curious to hear other people’s suggestions!

  2. Sarah Says:

    I love this sock of yours with a wanton and immoderate love. That color is amazing. If I ever see any of this stuff available for sale I shall be powerless, I’m certain.

  3. Didi B Says:

    It’s so great to know that you love this colorway. Can’t wait to see the finished project! 🙂

  4. Emily Says:

    OK, after that weird misdirected comment I made at you on Twitter, I can now say for REAL that your sock is looking very cute! (I think I confused your blog with someone else’s who has a similar theme – so embarrassing! Sorry about that. Especially weird since I’ve made several socks out of the book you’re using, so I had obviously seen the pattern before, despite my claims.) Too bad about the twisted stitches on Julia hurting your hands; maybe you can pick away at them in small doses? 🙂

    Those Lovecraft/Family Circus images are hilarious.

  5. the Lady Says:

    I think Owls looks good on everyone, and I think Kingscot looks great on everyone, and I think the Bubble Pullover (Nora Gaughan) looks amazingly awesome on every single body I’ve looked at. Weird.

    You gotta try the Embossed Leaves pattern. I love that one, it is amazingly entertaining and easy. I liked Child’s First Sock in Shell Pattern too. So pretty.

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