In which I almost have socks

It’s not just that I finished the first sock.  I’ve done that before.  My sad, single socks sit together in a perpetual singles mixer, drinking pink drinks with umbrellas in them and complaining that no guys showed up.  I’m good at making single socks.  So while this is an achievement, it’s not one I’m going to write home about.

No, the part that has me feeling like I’m going to make it for sure is that I’ve turned the heel on the second sock and am speeding down the instep to victory.  I’ve never made it this far on a second sock before, and I’m still in love with yarn and pattern.

I have to confess that a lot of this work has been done with me sitting on my butt and watching Bones. I hadn’t seen it before, but Netflix has all these episodes on Instant Viewing, and it sounded sort of cool, and next thing I know, I’m on Season 3.  I love procedurals.  Holy cats, I love them.  I love them for the same reason I love English detective novels.  I love that the violence generally occurs off stage, before the events described, and then it’s all about making sense and order out of chaos and mess.  I love that the writers work hard to get the science right, but are completely fine with going completely nuts when it comes to the artist’s role.  I am having far too much fun with this silly show.

Items of note:

* Pam of Flint Knits has a really, really freaking cute new pattern out, Willie, a little kid sweater with an adorable weiner dog wrapped around the bottom.  Willie came into being for a sad reason: Pam’s sweet little hund, Crush, broke her leg and needed surgery.  Expensive surgery.  Sales of Willie are helping to pay for poor Crush’s medical treatments, and you can also wander over to Juniper Moon Farm for an amazing contest to help support Crush.  I’m trying to get my ducks in a row for next year with the kids, and I think Nora may need a weiner dog sweater.  Heck, don’t we all need a weiner dog sweater?

* With some input from Sarah, I named the wee baby sweater, and have begun working on writing up the pattern!  Surtsey will hopefully be up and ready for release next month.

* I think I fixed the thing where I couldn’t reply by email to comments here!  I’m not 100% sure, but hopefully you’ll start hearing from me again soon.

* Thank you for all your thoughtful comments on my disability post.  It meant a lot.

2 Responses to “In which I almost have socks”

  1. the Lady Says:

    That is a super-beautiful sock. Funny, I was just telling my mom about my single socks last night, and she was asking if they hang out and have parties. 🙂

  2. Leah Says:

    Oooh, gorgeous sock! What’s the yarn and colorway?

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