What I’d be knitting if I wasn’t knitting

Still sleepy.  I’ve been working on a cast on post for the lace triangle series, but I want to make some illustrations for that, and those are taking a little while, so in the meantime, I thought it would be fun to link to some of the great spring patterns I’ve been seeing.  I have a ridiculous number of projects currently underway, so these are some of the things I wish I could be knitting!

* Calvados, by Thea Colman of Baby Cocktails.  This is such a pretty, fun pattern, and in worsted weight yarn, it would knit up fast and then be perfect for those cooler spring days.  I love cardigans in spring, and this is a really fun, funky one.

* Austin Hoodie by Connie Chang Chincio.  So many hoodies are knit in a heavy weight yarn.  This one is knit in light, airy Tosh Merino Light (which is not yet available generally, but you can sometimes find it on the madelinetosh Etsy site) which makes it a great layering piece for spring and summer.  And it’s so darn pretty!  The sleeve caps are what I keep coming back to.  Those are some really lovely set in sleeves.

* Adrift by Carol Feller. One more cardigan, but they’re all quite different from each other!  This one is knit in laceweight yarn for a really light and airy layering piece.  It looks simple, but versatile, and I love the way the fronts drape.  I think a bright color, like the one it’s shown in, really makes this special.

* Aurelia by Hillary Smith Callis.  This tank looks like something I’d live in from May to August, and the styling is elegant enough that you could wear it to a more formal event, or lounge about in it on vacation, and either way, it would be perfectly appropriate.  It’s knit in drapey silk tape.

* Silverlode by Kristen Orme. A great tee – simple, but with a gorgeous pleat for something a little different.  Like Aurelia, this is a great top that could be worn dressed up or down.  I love the garter edging, and the pretty shape of the neck.

* Spring is in the Air by Kristi Holaas.  This open shawl is so great for a spring wrap!  It’s lighter than many shawls (though I think shawls in general are good spring wear) and it has a lovely beaded edge for a more formal evening option.  Perfect for wear with sleeveless dresses.

* Yo Yo Tote by the Berroco Design Team.  This is just fun!

I hope you’re having a lovely spring thus far!


3 Responses to “What I’d be knitting if I wasn’t knitting”

  1. KristenMakes Says:

    Wow, what a compliment. Thank you so much for including me in this. To be chosen by you (an amazing designer!) to be included with other amazing designers is quite an honor. Thanks!

  2. thea Says:

    And I was about to say the same thing as Kristen! I’d seen her top a while back and love it… Thanks for the vote of confidence 🙂

    I always feel like there are way too many great things out there – if only I was an octopus or a hindu goddess, I’d be able to make ’em all (except the extra sleeves could make it take just as long anyways…)

  3. Cynthia Says:

    Another great blog! I’ve seen most of these patterns, but you made me take a second look and add a few things to my queue in the process. 😉

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