In a tizzy

I’ve almost got the Surtsey pattern ready for test knitting, which makes me very happy.  I had some setbacks on math and wording, but I think we’re on the right path now.  And the new Sunniva sample is back on track, and I’m doing some test knitting for the ever-awesome Stephen West, so life is busy, but not half bad!

We got Nora’s hair trimmed.  I think they should have left some of the spiky edges, but it’s actually pretty cute, so I’m happy.  The initial shock of seeing her with her hair all gone is over, and now I can just enjoy having a little short haired pixie girl.

Sunniva is coming along splendidly!  I am still absolutely nuts about the gorgeous red violet color from Orangeflower.  It looks like velvet as it knits up.

Isn’t that pretty?  I am smitten.

I’ve also been working quietly on another project over the last couple of weeks.  I was doing some blog graphics for The Frugal Girl.  Although I don’t think I’ve previously mentioned her blog here before, you may very well have heard of it.  The Frugal Girl is a long time friend of mine, and she’s got a really snazzy money-saving blog that is enormously popular.  If you haven’t checked it out, I highly recommend it!  Kristen (other Kristen!) is a fun, sensible voice of reason, and I’m darn lucky to know her.  Her blog is full of really helpful information on a day to day basis.

It was so nice to be able to do a little illustration and graphic design work.  I was so resistant to the computer when I was in art school, but I’ve gotten to like drawing in Photoshop in recent years.  So yay!

OK, this is actually me procrastinating because I’m hating the math on the baby sweater right now, but I should get back to work.   With luck, you will be seeing test knits and new baby sweaters shortly!

One Response to “In a tizzy”

  1. thea Says:

    oooh. not sure how Stephen West has managed to avoid my radar so far – his stuff is gorgeous, and his blog is fun to read. Must find him on Rav and begin to follow….

    The haircut looks lovely and I can’t wait to see the lovely purple as it grows!

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