My First Wollmeise

My skein of Wollmeise arrived.  Remember how I said I wasn’t thrilled that I’d ordered teal and that I might want to trade it for another color?  Maybe not so much.  It’s so so pretty!  Like prettiness hyped up on steroids!  The color is really, really rich and intense.

In the skein, the base feels surprisingly like cotton to me – sort of firm and string-like.  But while I can be critical at times, I’m basically a yarn lover, and softness is not at the top of my priorities list most days of the week.  I didn’t order Wollmeise for the base.  I can get any number of merino yarns with much greater ease.  I ordered it for the color, and it has certainly lived up to the hype on that end of things!

One of the loveliest things about this skein is how very, very subtle the color shifts are.  Some parts of the yarn are greener, and some are bluer, but it’s so very illusive that the overall impression is of a solid colored yarn.  My guess is that this will knit up to create an illusion of depth.

I don’t know…maybe I should trade it for another color.  But maybe I can live with one more blue-green item, especially when it’s so beautiful.  I’m thinking La Cumparsita by Marnie MacLean.


My magically terrific test knitters are speeding along on Surtsey, and I hope to have the pattern released very soon.

5 Responses to “My First Wollmeise”

  1. thea Says:

    I’ve only touched it once — and it was lovely! A deep, amazing green. I love the teal though – and in Marnie’s shawl, it will be killer.

  2. Johanne Says:

    Wait until you knit it up. It’s so much softer than you expect it to be. And it will look gorgeous in La Cumparsita.

  3. WillyG Says:

    How can you have too much blue-green? Can it be possible?

    I’m blue-green with envy.

  4. Tash Says:

    Your first Wollemeise is always special…the colours are simply incredible, and it knits up beautifully. The skeins are wound quite tight, so it does feel softer once you’ve wound it into a ball, and softer again when knitted.

  5. whitney Says:

    I’ve never touched Wollmeise, but that is a *gorgeous* color. Of course, I’m rather biased in favor of blue-greens 🙂

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