April showers bring May showers

It’s raining!  I am, to tell the truth, a little sick of rain.  It’s an El Niño year, and we’ve seen a lot of rain.  On the other hand, we’ve been in a drought for ages now, and seeing so much rain makes me very happy, even if I’m a little tired of it.

I’m inexplicably happy today.  I had poll worker training yesterday, and while my basic patriotism is always in flux (I believe strongly that being skeptical IS patriotic, and that blind allegiance is dangerous) my enthusiasm for the democratic process is uncomplicated and pure.  Being a poll worker is monotonous and tiring, but it’s also a wonderful opportunity to see the process in action and to be a part of it.  I love all the steps in place to ensure a fair election, even when the results aren’t what I want.

But yeah, the poll worker training was a ways away, and I lack a car, so yesterday involved a lot of walking, very fast, because the schedule was tight, and today I am so darn sore.  For once, though, it’s a normal, healthy sore – the soreness of muscles that have been worked and strained and are now rebuilding – rather than “Oh my god, I’ve overworked my body and now I am going to lie prone for the next week” sore.

So it’s raining, and I have one kiddo home sick from school.  I thought that having a sick one at home would be challenging  (it usually is) but as it happens, the little one is so very thrilled to have him at home that they’re quietly playing in their room, pretending that giraffes are invading the Earth from space, and that we have to be rescued by Time Lords.

The rain made me worry about the kiddo who did go to school, and how he’ll have to walk home in the rain, and then I had these thoughts that, “Yeah, I should go pick him up,” until I remembered that I don’t have a car, so picking him up would just mean more of us walking out in the rain, including the sick child, and then we’d all walk back.  I guess I’m not picking him up.  I will, however, have a hot chocolate waiting for him when  he gets home.

I woke up this morning full of grandiose plans to photograph and label the various cast ons (casts on?  castings of on-ness?) for a triangle shawl, but the rain has put a crimp in that plan as my camera is temperamental and hates the light indoors on a rainy day, and I hate the flash.  (It is a direct flash and it makes everything look like it’s been caught doing something dirty.)  So we’re still putting off the continuation of the lace triangle series, sorry.  In the meantime, though, I will enjoy my tea, and will fold laundry and knit while the rain comes down, down, down, down, down and the rain keeps tumbling down.

Edit: the light is better now, so if I get a break in the parenting thing, I will try to start taking pictures for the cast on post!


3 Responses to “April showers bring May showers”

  1. thea Says:

    ah, I miss those california poppies!

    Around here all the poll workers are old ladies – it’s awesome. I think they meet once a year and eat donuts and chat with each other.

  2. Jessica Says:

    I admit to loving rainy days, though not when I’m required to take long splashy walks. I hope you get a good rest today.

  3. Sarah Says:

    A colleague just told me that it’s raining from here to Japan and it’s all coming this way. New York was sticky hot… it was nice to taste real summer as a break from all this rain, but we girls who find ourselves seven months (!) pregnant can appreciate the cooler temperatures (while hoping fervently for the strawberry crop to survive all this WET).

    Hoping your boy feels better quickly! I’ve got a husband tucked in bed at home myself.

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