Look at me, focusing!

First off, I got my weekend away, and that is where we stayed.  For true and for serious.  (Well, not in the lighthouse, of course, but next to it in lodgings built for Navy families back in the day.)  It was amazingly gorgeous.  I am still not 100%, but my dear friends are wonderful and we took it at our own pace, which means I am so much better than I was before I left.  It was so so nice to spend time with people I love in the midst of beautiful scenery and I feel much refreshed.

Refreshed and concentrated.  I am so close to being done with the body of Sunniva II, and it’s spurring me on to finish it up and get to work on the other sample again.  Sunniva has been a pet project in the back of my mind for ages now.  My taste is such that while I am drawn to complex patterns and projects, I tend to love simplicity for every day wear, but a few little extra details make simplicity special.  Sunniva was my attempt to draw on those special details and make something really wearable but also special.  I want to finish because it is a project that really speaks to me, and it’s nice to see an end in sight, especially since I feel pretty confident about the sleeves and how to handle them.

In other good news, my husband and I consulted and found that we have some time this evening to shoot pictures for my cast on post in the faltering Lace Triangle series.  We’re both good-busy lately, but it’s nice to actually have time in the same space occasionally.  I’d like to get that done so that I can move on to what is probably the main attraction: edgings.  I was thinking that when this is done, I may edit it all into a PDF with patterns for both the sample shawls, as well as clearer illustration and instruction on design, based on questions and input.  I would offer that as an ebook, but the original posts would still be available for free on my blog.  We shall see!   I’m not making promises, because I know myself and I know that I am slow moving and that I plan things that take forever to happen.  (As though they just happen.  Maybe that’s my problem.)

So yeah.  I’m focusing, and things are happening, and I am feeling very positive about all of it, and I hope that my body will catch up to where my head is right now!


One Response to “Look at me, focusing!”

  1. thea Says:

    The lighthouse is gorgeous, and it sounds like you have a lot of good stuff coming up! Can’t wait to see edgings and shawls and Sunniva….

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