Socks and inspiration

I’ve been secretly working on these quick socks off and on in the last month or thereabouts, intending them to be one of several presents for Mr. Kninja for our tenth wedding anniversary.  Our anniversary is the 24th, and we’d planned on having our anniversary date on the 20th, but all the kids came down with pink eye, and we had to cancel.  I still gave him the socks, though, since it was Father’s Day, and handmade socks seem like a good Father’s Day gift.

The pattern is the uber quick Woodsman’s Socks from Elizabeth Zimmermann, and I admit, I lean on this pattern a lot for man gifts.  It’s made in worsted weight yarn (Tosh DK in this case, with some lovely OrangeFlower Worsted for the toes) and it’s fast and easy and so, so comfortable.  Mr. Kninja had apparently been hoping for a pair of thick socks, so it was serendipity.  I love the rich dark blue of the madelinetosh Fathom.  It’s a more interesting color than I usually see for manly socks, but not so out there either.  Mr. Kninja is the sort who would not really mind if I made him bright, insane, out there socks, but it’s still nice to find a happy medium.

Hey, have y’all been reading the Fit to Flatter series over at stash, knit, repeat?   It is seriously one of the best written and most useful tutorials I’ve ever seen.  While intended for knitters, and very, very useful to a lady with sticks in her hands, this series is a good one for any woman to read.  It’s a great way to get to know and love your own shape and to find clothing that works with that shape to give the most flattering result.  You can also find some lovely and flattering patterns at stash, knit, repeat.  My personal favorite is Arm Candy.  I adore buttons.

The kids are now home for the summer and it’s fun, but there’s a lot of adjustment.  All three got pink eye in the first week – not all at once, but one after the other, drawing out our recovery time as long as possible.  I really want to take them out to play at the park, but as a responsible adult member of society, I can’t in good conscience infect all the other neighborhood children with the eye plague.  Even though the kids really, really need to get out, and I really, really need to get them out.  Stupid eye plague.

So now I’m trying to learn how to work with the kids at home and it’s going OK, but they are definitely a strong distraction.  I hope this gets easier!


One Response to “Socks and inspiration”

  1. Amy Says:

    Aw, thanks for the kind words!

    Good luck with the pink eye. All in a row is how it usually goes in our house too, and that’s no fun at *all*.

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