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I finished Red-Violet Sunniva, and in keeping with the process I’ve been documenting, I thought I’d have some finished, if not polished, pictures to show you today.  However, after blocking the neckline, I tried on the sweater and found that the neckline I did hangs funny in back.  I think I need to go down either in needle size or stitch count or both.  It right now wants to bell out and hang loosely when it’s suppose to fit closely.  Otherwise, I am completely thrilled with the sweater and how it fits, and very, very smug about my button choice.  My buttons are from the ever-awesome green ray productions on Etsy, and they are the bee’s knees.

As you can see, I added a small garter lip to my neck edge.  Overall, I’m pleased with how that looks, but that back droopy part needs some work.  I was worried that the garter, not incorporated anywhere else in the sweater, would be a poor choice, but I think it actually looks good with everything else.  My bind off was a little sloppy, though, so I guess the ripping and reknitting is my chance to remedy that sloppiness.  Still, it’s a little discouraging to think you’re done, done, done, and find that blocking in this case actually creates a problem you didn’t know you had.  (I may try a couple of things before ripping just to see if I can avoid that.  Not sure what to try, but it’s worth looking around.)

While Sunniva was blocking, as a present to myself, I allowed myself to cast on for a little coat I’ve been wanting to make for Nora.  I’m using Malabrigo Twist, and after working so long with light fingering weight yarn on an adult sweater, it is a real pleasure to use thick yarn to make something small.  In two days I had the body of a little jacket.

No pattern, and very little in the way of math or planning.  It was a knitting vacation.  It’s knit from the bottom up and the sleeves will be knit from the top down.  I really, really like the fabric you get with Twist on size 8 needles.  It’s not tight, but it creates a smooth, soft, thick fabric that should be warm and cozy for fall and winter wear.  One thing I do have to change is the shoulder length.  I thought they might be too short, but after blocking they were too long.  That’s an easy fix, though.  Eleanor is a very small child, so it’s very easy to make her something quickly.

Other than all of that, I’m mostly gathering materials for the ebook I mentioned a little while back.  I’m very excited about this and hope to be able to offer something fun and relaxing.  It’s a fun opportunity for me to use some of my favorite luxury yarns, as well, since I want to keep the patterns small and simple.  One skein of luxury is a lot easier on the budget than a sweater’s lot.


3 Responses to “Stuff ‘n things”

  1. thea Says:

    those buttons and that purple!! gorgeous.

    And the neck won’t take long to fix – don’t you worry — she’ll be yours before long.

  2. Emily Says:

    Sunniva’s lookin’ lovely! And that little jacket is ever so cute. 🙂

  3. Sarah Says:

    I always end up having to decrease at the back neck when I add a collar or any kind of neckline treatment — the old pick up 2 to 3 completely fails and I end up with an extra fold of fabric at the spine. Smaller needles might do the trick too, of course.

    That’s one of my two favorite colors of Twist (the other being the orangey red one) and I always drool near it at the store. Nora’s jacket is going to be adorable!

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