Making my own sunshine

This is a weird grey summer here in usually sunny California. I like the fact that it’s not been hot, but it really hasn’t even been warm all that often.  My summer garden is suffering – our usual bumper crop of tomatoes is reduced to the odd fruit here or there, and my peppers have nearly given up.

Yellow Sunniva, though, is like a sunshine injection for me. It’s such a pretty soft golden color, and it’s so soft and drapey and cheerful that it has to make the world look a little brighter.

Sadly, the lack of light is affecting my photographs as well!  It’s a brighter, more cheerful color in real life. I’m excited about the buttons as well – I always like grellow knitwear, but since grey looks bad on me, I can’t usually wear it.  Grey buttons I can manage.

To give you a better idea of the flutter sleeve when worn, here’s a bad picture I snapped in my poorly lit bathroom before I’d finished the neckline.

I’m now working on the lace edging for the neckline, and then it’s just a matter of sewing in ends, attaching buttons and lace, and taking pictures! Well, and writing up the pattern, but I’m very excited to already have some great test knitters lined up.  I can see an end in sight for this poor pattern!

I am also planning an end to the Lace Triangle series soon, too, with a long awaited post on edgings.

One Response to “Making my own sunshine”

  1. the Lady Says:

    I love your little ratties! My brother and I had pet rats growing up. I’ve always liked them. Yeah, the weather has been LAME hasn’t it? Reading the bit about your tomatoes just now made me go “shit!” I’m the worst gardener in the world – I had some tomatoes I’ve completely neglected for probably two weeks. Whoops. Congrats on being a designer for the Verb club. That’s really cool! How’s your Thursday knitting night proposal go?

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