Something special

My husband and I met at art school. We were both illustration majors, but his real interests lay in animation. Because of this, every so often, for holidays or birthdays, I’ve sought out unusual or inspiring animation for him. We have a couple of volumes of great Russian animation primarily from the Cold War era, and some of this animation makes great use of textiles. I’ve wanted to share these for a while, but it wasn’t until today that it hit me that someone had likely uploaded some of these shorts to YouTube. Sure enough, that proved to be the case. So here, enjoy “Ball of Wool” by Nikolai Serebryakov.


3 Responses to “Something special”

  1. Hasmif Says:

    No way! I saw that as part of a Russian animation feature at Annecy at the Animation festival years ago…love it. It really is a great story.

  2. Kim Says:

    You know this is one of my favorites, right? So many favorites in that whole Masters collection, really. Story of One Crime… Seasons… Ballerina on a Boat… oh, you’re putting me in a mood. I can’t wait until my work calms down and I can snuggle in this winter and enjoy these again. Does D also like Michel Ocelot? I think we’ve bonded over the Kirikou love before… really enjoy the animation of Princes and Princesses, too…

  3. Kim Says:

    Oh, also… I don’t know if this will ever be available on DVD- I think it might still be touring museums. I saw it five years ago at the Contemporary Arts Center and love, love, loved it. If there is ever a showing near you, I heartily recommend it:

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