After posting my Francis Revisited and Side Slip Cloche, I’m going back through my Flickr stream to see what else I skipped last year. One of the first things that comes up is this silver and green Surtsey.

While I love how this project came out, it is a little embarrassing to admit that I messed up while knitting from my own pattern. The original Surtsey has ribbing on the yoke, and this Surtsey is ribbing-less. This could have been a conscious aesthetic choice, but is actually the result of casting on late at night while watching some show or other. I was already a good few inches in before I realized I’d forgotten to knit in rib. I love the rib of the original pattern. It’s very stretchy and I think it gives the pattern a slightly different look than your average baby raglan on the street. However, it was nice to see that my numbers worked fine without ribbing as well.

Also sad to say, this sweater has not yet been given to its intended recipient, which makes me glad I didn’t make the smallest size! We keep trying to find time when one or the other of us is available and one or the other of the baby’s parents are available, and thus far, never the twain have met, but we’re tenacious and this sweater shall find its destined recipient!

The yarns used are Wool Candy Meringue Merino in Silver Sage (which color is now sadly discontinued) and Orange Flower Twist Sock from the Enchanted Forest collection. Both are springy, soft, superwash merinos that I really enjoy using, and that I think will be nice against a baby’s skin. I love the way they look in combination, though as I noted in a previous post, a nagging feel led me to note that they are Slytherin colors, and that some folks might take that amiss.

One Response to “Undocumented”

  1. Sandra Wood Says:

    Knitting the Pamela Cowl and at the end of some rows there are extra stitches…
    Do I just knit them? Can’t start the repeat over at that point as it throws things off but when I am on the next row those two previous stitches create a problem.
    thank you Sanra

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