I want to thank regular readers of this blog for their patience in my off topic rant on a disturbing subject. Welcome to new readers – there are apparently a good few of you, as said off topic rant was my most read blog post to date. Most of the content around here is not of such a serious nature…primarily knitting posts, punctuated with the occasional feminist rant, usually related in some way to knitting. I’m going to stick with politics and feminism for another day, though, before we get back to your regularly scheduled knitting content, so bear with me.

First, an update: The New York Times has now issued a statement (web only) that their rape piece “lacked balance”. It’s not an apology, but it’s a pretty big success that the feedback of readers of the Times’ original piece led to an acknowledgment of the validity of our position. The response notes that the Times is working on a follow up story. I hope it has more “balance” than the original piece.

Secondly, for those who were following along on the Heather Ross discussion, there are two more blog posts I’d like to call to your attention. Pam at Flint Knits has posted a follow up to the original guest post, and Huan-Hua at Feather and Fan has posted her take on the matter. I hope it is taken as I intend it to be when I say that while both posts are in disagreement with each other, I found much to agree with in both.

As to my own take, reading Huan-Hua’s post made me go back and reread my own contribution to this discussion. I found that I still feel the same now as I did then, and there is nothing I wish to change about my original post, but I did think about my own reactions in a different light. In some ways, as a person who has grown up with white privilege, I am a new convert to awareness of racial inequality that is more subtle and subversive than overt. And, as anyone who has been around someone newly aware of his or her identity knows, the new convert is often going to be a lot more zealous about his or her cause or identity than someone who has grown up with that identity. In that way, I may be more inclined to go after niggling and perhaps inconsequential instances of racial subtext than someone who has grown up with that reality. I don’t want to save my fire for the overt, because most of what I have experienced has not been overt.

I’d also like to direct your attention this comment in response to Pam’s post. Huan-Hua singled it out as well, for good reason – it is really freaking interesting and provides yet another instance of perspective taking that I think is much needed.

Lastly, for the moment, I wanted to thank readers of this blog for their respectful take on things. I know how the internet can go, and I’m of the opinion that news media outlets really need to stop allowing comments on their stories at all, but even the responses I’ve gotten here that disagree with me are respectful and thoughtful. I have not responded directly to most comments disagreeing with me – I assume the folks who post them have read what I wrote and that they know my position, and the back and forth seems unnecessary and possibly counter productive – but know that if you disagree with me, I’ll read what you have to say and will consider it. Many of my readers have considerably more formal education than I do, and so many of you bring new ideas to the table that I hadn’t even considered. Knitting Kninja not a big widely read blog, but I like things the way they stand, because I feel like the small readership tends to keep things a little kinder than they might otherwise be. Anyway, if you disagree with me on something, keep telling me! I feel like I’ve learned a lot from the back and forth over the years.


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