Day’s Eye Hat, Take 2

One thing I’ve learned over time is that I am not an intuitive editor of my own knitting patterns. I desperately need a tech editor and test knitters, because my brain is absolutely certain to fill in the missing pieces in my own charts and patterns. The Day’s Eye Hat was originally published with PopKnits, which magazine generously gave me a chance, but try as I would, I could not seem to get the chart right for the hat. I could knit it myself, and did, several times over, without running into the problems other people were having. I’ve been wanting to fix this for ages, but finding the time has been a challenge. I had a little downtime after finishing Understory, and I used it to rewrite Day’s Eye.

New Day’s Eye is knit in Malabrigo Merino Worsted. I am still not sure how I got a slouchy hat out of the Rowan Felted Tweed, but I did. However, as written, Day’s Eye comes out as a beanie for many people. The new version should allow for more slouch. Of course, Malabrigo is a favorite of mine, and I think the yarn is ideal for showing off twisted stitches. The pattern includes instructions for working with or without a cable needle, so you can choose whichever way is more comfortable for you.

I apologize for the time it took for me to get this right. I hope the new version of the hat is easier to follow and that many people who’d put off knitting Day’s Eye because of the difficulties with the pattern can now knit it with ease. As always, if you have any difficulties or frustrations with the pattern, please grab me through email or at my Ravelry group, Dangerous With Pointy Sticks.

Click here to download the free PDF of Day’s Eye.
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4 Responses to “Day’s Eye Hat, Take 2”

  1. Kathryn Says:

    Thank you! I originally found your website through this hat, and have been lurking ever since, impressed by your thoughtful insight and (I must admit, as a really snobbish linguist) your intelligent use of language. I made the Lichen last week – left the pompom off for spring weather. It was a very fun knit and turned out lovely.

  2. stitchingdiva Says:

    i love this and will definatley be knitting it , thankyou for offering it for free..
    if you ever do want a test knitter i am available 🙂

  3. Inspiration: Day’s eye hat | Kiwiyarns Knits Says:

    […] it happened that I was reading Kristen Hanley Cardozo’s blog Knitting Kninja. Kristen is a very talented designer, and I really like her feminine […]

  4. judithornot Says:

    Am not generally fond of cables, but this is such a beautiful hat — am going to give it a try. Thank you for giving us the pattern!

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