Lower price for Understory

Hey all! Remember my April pattern collection, Understory?

This is the cover.

Understory is a collection of six patterns knit in Malabrigo yarns. When it came out, I priced it at $20, working with the idea of a 30%(+) discount on the cost of the individual patterns. I have since noticed that this is high for a pattern collection, and I felt bad for pricing it thusly, but people had already purchased it at the original price, and I didn’t want to penalize buyers by lowering the price. What to do? The answer turned out to be pretty obvious! I lowered the price to the more comparable-to-other-ebooks $16 and issued a partial refund to buyers. Win and win again! I think the new price point should make it easier for more folks to purchase, and this way I’m not penalizing loyal customers for their early purchase. More information about the individual patterns in the collection is available here, or on Ravelry.

If you’d like to buy Understory, you can do so now for US $16.00.


2 Responses to “Lower price for Understory”

  1. Clumsy Knitter Says:

    Hey Kristen,

    I really like your patterns and I just wanted to let you know that your honesty and openness about a wide variety of issues in your design world makes me appreciate your integrity, too. Keep up the good work (so the rest of us can enjoy it)!


  2. addknitter Says:

    I’m so glad I nabbed this little beauty, no matter what the price;)

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