The time has come, the walrus said

to talk of holiday gifts.

I know. Hard to believe it’s that time again already, but if you’re planning on knitting gifts this year, now is the time to start. I usually knit a good few gifts for my friends and family, but this year I probably won’t, which is sad, but I have too many on the go projects to feel secure in adding anything to my workload at the moment. That doesn’t mean other people won’t be knitting gifts, though! Alex Tinsley of Dull Roar made a completely rad list of ideas, and I am totally copying her, because, let’s face it, it’s a good idea.

SO! If you were me and you did have time to knit gifts this year, here’s some of what you might be knitting. All links point Ravelryward. My apologies for a lack of pictures, but I didn’t want to use other people’s photos without permission, and I am lazy and didn’t want to contact a ton of people and wait to hear back from them before posting. I promise the next post will be photo laden. (As I’m working on a few patterns, this seems likely enough as it is.)

For the LADIES (oh yeah):

Frick Frick BERET! by Pamela Wynne – This flipping adorable little hat is knit in one of my most favorite yarns, Little Red Bicycle Hipster Sock. It has two options, a slouchy and not-so-slouchy version, and you can make both from one skein of sock yarn, which is just great for holiday knitting.  I love the insane red used for the originals, and it makes me want very much to crack open my own skein of Shark Week! Bloody and gorgeous.

Vagabond Fingerless Mitts by Misa Erder – Sweet little colorwork mitts that can be knit in leftover sock yarn. I am often advised against fingerless mitts as gifts because some people might not wear them. I think this argument lasts until someone gives you a pair of fingerless mitts. I wear mine constantly in cold weather, and many of my friends have tried to make off with my mitts. These ones are particularly cheery and you can pick the perfect color combo for your recipient.

Cable Braided Necklace by Olga Buraya-Kefelian – You can whip one of these out in an evening or two using very little yarn and the ease with which it is knit is in direct proportion to its extreme beauty. Olga’s patterns all show a particularly designerly way of thinking that taking simple knitting and turns it sideways or upside down, creating designs with clever construction and a unique visual sensibility. I made one of these last year for a friend, and it turned out beautifully.

Nouveau Bohemia by Carolina Carvalho-Cross – Another beautiful hat pattern that offers you options. In this case, three distinct versions from a fitted beanie to an extra slouchy beret. A fast knitting project in worsted weight yarn, it looks great in solids or variegateds and it utilizes cables AND lace, which is my favorite thing when it comes to knitting. I love the colors Lina chose for her samples, and I think I’d crib from those were I knitting one as a gift!

Mystère by Kitman Figueroa – It’s no secret that I enjoy knitting shawls, and I think they often knit up surprisingly fast and easily given the amount of work they appear to be. This is a lovely shawl with a bit of texture to liven up the lace. Kitman’s designs are consistently stunning, and this one is no exception!



Masse Mitts by Ann Budd – I swear I’m not just posting this because of the model (note: OMG look at the model!) but also because they’re some seriously handsome mitts. Remember when I said that I thought people objected to fingerless mitts only until they were given a pair? Yeah, that holds doubly true of men, who frequently try to steal my mitts. Making them their own mitts should help you to keep them from stealing yours.

Corbin by Vanessa Smith – This is a handsome hat. It has the plain styling that so many men enjoy, but knit in semi solid handpainted yarns it has its own beauty and depth, plus the contrasting hem makes for a nice place to tuck away a more exciting shade.

Setzer by Jared Flood – Another simple pattern with some small details that hold the interest. This beautiful cowl from Jared Flood of Brooklyn Tweed fame looks great on men and women alike, and the diagonal rib pattern keeps a knitter’s attention.

Urbana by Stephen West – You can’t go wrong with a Stephen West pattern, and my husband’s Urbana is hands down his favorite scarf. Stephen drags the plain garter stitch scarf to the side, creating a parallelogram shaped wrap that is cozy as can be. It’s a modern take on the plain garter scarves so many men wear in old costume dramas. (Jeremy Brett’s Sherlock Holmes often sports a particularly nice black one.) If you use the recommended Malabrigo Twist, you will have one of the softest, coziest scarves you have ever felt.

For the YOUNG ‘UNS:

Grumpus by Anna Sud0 – I love this hat ridiculous amounts. Look! It has horns! And texture! Your kid will look like a little goat baby!

Baby Cobble Shoe by Bekah Knits – Felted shoes for babies are so darn cute. This particular pattern is doubly charming with little tongues and laces on the tiny shoes.

The Downtown Bonnet by Wendy Bernard – I love bonnets. This one updates the old take on the bonnet and makes it fun with stripes! Cute for little girls and for grown women, for that matter.

Garden Snail by Hansi Singh – All of Hansi’s toy patterns are beautiful and original, so you can’t go wrong with any of them, but this one is especially lovely and can show off many colors of yarn. Huggable and funny

I will be introducing a new Knitting Kninja hat pattern shortly, and when I do, I’ll offer a coupon code for all individual Knitting Kninja patterns so those of you planning on getting to work on holiday knitting can have a bit of a break. Happy knitting!


5 Responses to “The time has come, the walrus said”

  1. Barbara Benson (@TumpedDuck) Says:

    Oooh, I have knit the Cable Braided Necklace in fingering weight and made a bracelet out of it. Love that pattern.

  2. Lina Says:

    Thanks for posting Nouveau Bohemia… it’s definitely a quick and easy gift knit! 🙂

    And I’m favoriting pretty much everything in your post… I have to start gift knitting soon and it’s nice to have you do my research for me, LOL! 😉

  3. Jacey Says:

    Lovely post! I had not seen Nouveau Bohemia, but I added it to the queue. And oh yes, hello, model of the Masse Mitts.

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