I aten’t dead

It looks like I just plain missed January, but I am still fully alive, if a bit tired. I’ve been hard at work on mostly secret projects, trying desperately to keep afloat, and then when I realized how long I’d been in writing, I started this post, only to have my computer wend its weary way to the computer afterlife. We weren’t ready to let it go just yet, however, and after shouting, “STAY ALIVE! No matter what occurs, I will find you!” we used some disk repair software on the ailing machine and brought it back from the other side. So. I’m alive, the computer’s alive, and here we are.

I’ve been trying to get back to drawing and I’m trying to learn how to draw people who are knitting. I’ve been practicing with paintings and photographs as references at the moment, just to undo some of my rustiness and to understand some usual poses. Hands are giving me fits lately, which just tells me I probably need to draw more of them.

My sister is getting married, and I bought yarn to make her a wedding shawl. It’s Dye for Yarn silk/merino in a one off colorway, Burning Fuschia.

And I’m trying to get through with deadline secretive projects and back to some Knitting Kninja projects that I will be able to release to you all.


One Response to “I aten’t dead”

  1. mlemmonsdesigns Says:

    I really need to find a figure drawing class. I have done a few decent figure drawings but I would like to get more practiced. Currently, I have to pull out all of my books as a crib sheet.

    Your drawings look good, as does the shawl.

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