Fall KAL Reboot

So when I was thinking of doing a KAL I forgot two important things. One, in places that are not here, it’s been kinda hot. Like, living on the surface of the sun hot, apparently. And while it’s been warm here, it really hasn’t been hot and I’ve never much felt deterred from knitting this summer. I don’t blame people in hotter climes for being adverse to setting a hefty pile of wool onto their laps in the midst of a day that calls more for lemonade than hats and I certainly don’t blame them for not thinking of joining a knit along when it’s hot out!

Two, I wanted the KAL to keep me in touch while I’m back at school, but I hadn’t yet started and didn’t have an idea of exactly how my time would be spent. I HAVE started now, and I have a better idea of how my time will be used.

With all that in mind, I’d like to start over with the knit along idea. I’d still like to have one! And I’d still like for everyone to participate. But I’m going to make this easier on all of us by moving the start date a little later, extending the time period (including the time period to use the discount code), and offering some fun prizes from my stash as well as some pattern prizes.

The knitting itself will take place in the month of October from the 1st to Halloween, so a great time to get started on holiday gift knitting. And anyone who finishes a project and posts a picture in the finished projects thread will be eligible for a random drawing for any one of the prizes listed below. I dug through my stash and found some real beauties! I can barely bear to give them up, but really, what’s knitting without sharing? To join in, post in this thread in my Ravelry group!

Now: prizes!

Garden Series

First off, I have this half skein of Creating from A Verb for Keeping Warm. It’s a gorgeous warm caramel yellow, dyed by Adrienne at Verb using a natural plant dye made from Maroon Coreopsis. It’s part of the limited edition Garden Series, and I fell in love with it at first site. The half skein is enough to make a pair of mitts, which is what I’d planned on doing with it!


Next, I have a kit for Dorothy. It’s in Knit Picks Imagination in Castle Walls and Ruby Slippers, which is enough to make a shawl the opposite of mine (grey on a red field rather than red on a grey field), but I will order a second skein of Ruby Slippers so that you can choose to go either way with the pattern!

Chronos 1

Here is the skein that it’s breaking my heart to give up, but really, the joy of BFL/Silk is meant to be shared. I have a skein of Orange Flower BFL/Silk Lace in Chronos. It’s a glorious grey brown skein with the shine and softness of BFL/Silk and it’s just amazing. I sincerely hate to give it up, but I wanted to offer something truly special for this knitalong and this is it. Orange Flower’s always been hard to get and now it may be discontinued at the end of the year, so this is a great opportunity to get a really rare skein of yarn. This skein would be fabulous with any of my shawl patterns, or heck, someone else’s shawl pattern!

Finally, patterns! I will give away two copies of Jolie with Pointy Sticks. The small patterns are great for gifts and a lot of fun to knit!

I hope you’ll join me and I look forward to autumn!

3 Responses to “Fall KAL Reboot”

  1. Jacey Says:

    It sounds super fun! I think I can manage to knit something in October to play along. The prizes look fabulous!

  2. irononmaiden Says:

    I’d like to join. Perfect timing! Good god, that last yarn looks especially scrumptious.

  3. California Craftini – Fall is Here (?) | Craftini: My Daily Cocktail of Yarn, Beads and Paper Says:

    […] East Bay’s Knitting Kninja has decided to “reboot” her proposed Fall KAL. It will now start Oct. 1 and run through Halloween. By the way, did you know […]

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