Cast and Crew

I’m Kristen, and this here is my knitting blog. When I’m not writing or knitting, I’m committing some sort of household drudgery and wishing I could be writing or knitting. I’m 29, and a stay at home mother of three. I started knitting firstly because it relaxed me. I’m a very tense person. Veeeeeery tense. Like wire taut tense. Really, really tense. Finding something that actually relaxed me was an exciting thing, and I’ve stuck with it, even though it didn’t come easily to me. I spent about two years making wonky garter stitch scarves before I finally got the hang of this deal with the sticks and string. This is another big step forward, as I’ve rarely stuck with anything I wasn’t instantly good at before. I’m not actually a ninja, but having this blog means that I occasionally get emails from Iranian companies offering me a fair price on ninja clothing. I’ve been tempted to take them up on this.

Mr. Kninja, also known as Daniel, is my wonderful spouse and the father of the small urchins you’ll occasionally see wandering through here.

The small people are Gabriel, who is eight, Liam, who is six, and Eleanor, more commonly known as Nora, who is three.


One Response to “Cast and Crew”

  1. Linda Tegeler Says:

    Love your patterns and especially “Pauline”. Have been looking for a hat for my elderly mom who doesn’t want to crush her hair, but needs to stay warm. Can’t get my gauge to come out 18 st x 30 rows in 4 inches. My gauge is more square, 25 st x 28 rows. Any suggestions? Can I just figure your stitches by measurement inches and use my gauge?
    Thanks so much!

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