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New! Low fat! Portable!

September 29, 2010

I’m releasing a new pattern on October 1st, a hat with a garter tab called Maple Leaf Rag. It’s a very simple, very fast knit, but I think it’s got enough of interest to keep a knitter from getting bored, and it takes very little yarn, to boot. I am not 100% happy with my pictures, the more time I spend with them, so if I get a chance, I will reshoot today, but otherwise, thanks to some very industrious and wonderful test knitters, the pattern is ready to go! Hooray test knitters! The hat takes one skein of OrangeFlower Superwash Merino Worsted for most sizes, and the stretchy garter band means that each size fits a wide range of heads. There are two styles, as well, a cloche style hat and a slouch style hat.

Also new is the Surtsey I’m working on for a new baby in our circle of friends. The green and silver colors are very pleasing to me, but there was this nagging thought at the back of my mind that they seemed so familiar, before I realized that ah, yes, I’m using Slytherin house colors for a brand new baby. I sincerely hope that the parents are not Harry Potter fans and that they don’t think I’m projecting a future of ambitious evil upon their child.

Sorry for the short post. I’m going to be rather scarce around here, but I’ll try to update when I can. I’ve become very busy with the doing of things, which is leaving less time for the writing about the doing of things. I haven’t forgotten that I need to conclude the Lace Triangle tutorials, though.

Good things

February 15, 2010

I think I forgot to mention it here, which is sad, but I extended my Help for Haiti pledge through the 14th of February.  Today I totaled it up and donated my second amount to Save the Children.  It was $399.75, so I tossed in the extra twenty five cents to bring it up to a satisfyingly round $400.  This puts the total for Knitting Kninja donations at $1238.25.  Thank you so much for your purchases that made this possible!  I’d never have been able to donate so much on my own.

I was going to wait until I was further along to show you anything to do with this project, but this yarn is so gorgeous, I have to share right now.  This very minute.

    This is superwash Bluefaced Leister yarn, dyed by Karin, the genius behind Orangeflower.  I wrote her some months back to ask if she could make me a custom color for a design I’m working on, and we’ve been writing back and forth ever since, trying to get this just right.  And holy cats, she did it!  This is some of the most beautiful yarn I’ve ever seen.  Depending on the angle and the light, the color shifts, showing more red or blue.  The BFL is soft against the skin, but stronger than merino and with a sheen like silk.  I am dying to start knitting with this, but there are a few things I have to finish up first.  The first sample for this project is on the needles, though, and I hope I’ll be able to show you something nifty before too long.

    Valentine’s Day was yesterday, and we had a quiet day at home.  Two out of three kids have been very, very sick with matching lung infections, so the biggest relief is that everyone is very much on the mend.  It wasn’t the most exciting Valentine’s Day, as a result, but it was a really pleasant one.  I stopped by Joann’s Fabrics and got supplies to make little felt kitties with the kids.

    We used instructions from an old issue of Craft.  From left to right, you see Beatrice, Rondi, and the unnamed ninja cat, made by Eleanor, Liam, and Gabriel respectively.  (With the occasional assist from Mom.  Threading needles is hard for small fingers.)  The best part of all this is that the eldest and the youngest discovered that they really, really enjoy sewing.  Nora spent the rest of the day cutting out more felt and sewing a little bed for her cat, Beatrice.  (Beatrice is apparently the daughter of Fleesa, who was introduced in this blog on Eleanor’s last birthday.)

    Ravelympics coincided with the fact that I really need to get cracking on my sister’s birthday present, so that’s on the needles, flying along.  I’m going to go ahead and post a picture on the assumption that my sister isn’t going to read this blog before her birthday, and that you can’t really tell what the present is anyway unless you’re familiar with the pattern.  The yarn is Luscious Single Silk from Bluemoon, and I’ll want to do a post on the yarn later, because it’s been a very interesting knit.

    Erin’s birthday is on the 23rd, and I think I’ll be finished with plenty of time.  I have some other projects on the go, but they’re rather more secret than the birthday knit, I’m afraid!  You’ll hear about them soon enough.

    I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

    The Annual Unsolicited Gifts for Knitters List

    December 9, 2009

    The AUGfKL (or Augfickle, as I just decided to call this) started with what I will admit was solicitation, but only on the part of my husband.  He wanted to have a list of yarns and things that I like so that if he decided to get me a knitting related gift he’d have something to go on.  I decided that if I was going to make a list, it might as well be a blog entry.  Then, the year after, I decided that pretend shopping had been fun, and by gum, I was going to do it again.  Now it’s a tradition, so here it is.

    Last year’s list was limited to gifts that cost $30 or less, which I think is a good bet for a tough economic year, so I’m imposing the same rule for myself this year.  Everything on this list is, prior to tax and shipping, $30 or under, and prices reflect the current prices at the stores linked, rather than an average.


    • Black Water Abbey Worsted Weight Yarn ($13.00 per 4 oz.) – A heavy worsted weight wool with depth and character, perfect for cable work.  22o yards per 4 oz.
    • Madelinetosh Tosh Lace ($24.00) – A generous 950 yards of laceweight superwash merino per skein combined with Madelinetosh’s incomparable colors makes Tosh Lace a great gift for the lace knitter in your life.
    • Malabrigo Merino Worsted ($9.75) – Malabrigo comes in an endless variety of bright kettle dyed colors.  It’s super soft, and a single skein has enough yards for a hat or cowl.  Those who love Malabrigo will never be unhappy to receive a skein or two.
    • orangeflower 2 ply merino ($22.00) – 440 yards of superwash merino in sock weight, with beautiful hand dyed colors that make me think of antiques and coloring books.  The link is to the color Vintage Plum, but there are other lovely shades in the shop.
    • Wool Candy Meringue Merino ($25.00) – Sock yarn, like laceweight, gives a lot of yards for less money. Wool Candy Meringue has a smooth, springy superwash base and comes in a variety of beautiful candy colors. One skein is ample to make a small shawl, a pair of socks, baby clothes, or a hat.


    Needle Cases/Knitting Bags

    Patterns and Books

    • Cayuga Set ($7.00) – (Link is to Ravelry) Matching hat and mitten set from Connie Chang Chinchio.  Too often we end up with beautiful but clashing accessories, and a set is just the remedy needed.
    • Flora and Fauna ($14.00) – Three lovely patterns from Laura Chau.
    • Moch Cardi ($6.00) – A gorgeous cardigan from Gudrun Johnston that would work well as a layering cardigan with a lot of different outfits.
    • Ori Ami Knits ($24.00 to $30.00) – Still in subscription form, but this promises to be a particularly lovely knitting book by Olga Buraya-Kefelian and Vanessa Yap-Einbund.
    • Whimsical Little Knits 2 ($14.65 to $19.54 at current conversion rate) – A dozen beautiful patterns from Ysolda Teague.  All wonderfully laid out and easy to follow.