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Apologies, etc.

January 8, 2011

My vow of getting better at posting here has gotten off to a rocky start. On my birthday, which was two days ago, I decided it would be fun to give something back, so I set up a few different Knitting Kninja related promotions on Ravelry. Did I then post here to let people know about that? No, I did not.

Basically, I noticed that the beginning of the year marks a spate of knitting resolutions among knitters, and saw many people adding one or another of my patterns to their queues in preparation to meet some goal in the coming year. The majority of these folks were part of a group wanting to knit 11 shawls in 2011. In response, I have two shawl related deals underway for the remainder of the month and one baby knitting deal. All of these deals are automatic when you check out, so no coupon code needed.

Deal 1: Buy Two Ladies, get $1 off Rosa. All three shawls for $15.50.

Deal 2: Purchase Clothilde or Arabella individually, get Beetle Tracks free.

Deal 3: Buy Surtsey, get Paulette free. Again, just add Paulette to your cart and it will be automatically discounted.

NOTE: Deal 2 originally read that you could buy ANY individual shawl and get Beetle Tracks free. However, including Rosa in that promotion was causing the first deal not to work, so I changed the parameters. If you’d like to purchase Rosa individually and get a free copy of Beetle Tracks, please email me or leave a comment here, on Twitter, Facebook, or Ravelry, and I will try to manually get the pattern to you as soon as possible. More apologies for the trouble this entails.


April 2, 2009

Now available for purchase!  A huge thank you to my test knitters.

Paulette is a simple bonnet for girls ages brand new to ten, knit in one piece with i-cord edging and a decorative flower.  So sugary sweet you just might get toothache!


0-6 months [6-12 months, 12-18 months, 2-4 years, 5-6 years, 7-10 years] (shown in sizes 0-6 months [pink], and 2-4 years [purple])


65 [70, 90, 95, 120, 150] yards DK weight yarn
Size 0-6 months shown in Blue Sky Alpacas Alpaca Silk [50% alpaca, 50% silk; 146yd/133m per 50g skein]; 1 skein held doubled
Shown in Blush
Size 2-4 years shown in Classic Elite Moorland [42% Fine Merino Wool, 23% Baby Alpaca, 19% Mohair, 16% Acrylic; 147yd/134m per 50g ball]; 1 skein
Shown in Dusty Lavender

[20-40] yards worsted weight yarn (for decorative items)

U.S. size 6 needles, straight or circular (4 mm)
U.S. size 7 double pointed needles, pair (4.5 mm)
U.S. size 3 single double pointed needle (3.25 mm)

2 stitch markers
tapestry needle
1 set snap fasteners, for sizes newborn through age 3


20 stitches and 28 rows = 4 inches in stockinette

Skill level:


Creative Commons License
Paulette by Kristen Hanley Cardozo is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License.

You can sell Paulette (the finished hat, not the pattern) on your blog or Etsy site as long as you credit Knitting Kninja for the design.  If you wish to sell Pauline on a larger scale, please contact me at the email address listed in the upper right hand corner of this blog.

You can purchase the Paulette pattern for $5.00 USD by clicking below.

A random collection

March 6, 2009

Thank you so much for your nice comments on the Day’s Eye hat!  I cannot wait to see finished versions up and about.  Let me know if you knit one up!

The above is a test knit of a really cool beret pattern coming soon from the lovely firegirlpj.  The picture is washed out, but this is a really cute pattern, and it will be available for free on Ravelry soon, so keep your eyes out for it!  I used a random skein of Cascade 220 Superwash that was lying about, and I like the material a lot.  The end result is a wee bit too big for my head, but I have a really small head, so that’s not too surprising.  It’s for my sister, anyway, so hopefully it will fit her.  (Um, surprise, Erin!)

I finished up Baby Paulette, and now only need to find a baby to model it!  Baby or no, I’ll be sending out the pattern to test knitters next week, so if you’re not on the test knitters list, and you’re interested in testing this one, let me know.  I ended up going with six sizes: 0-6 months, 6-12 months, 12-18 months, 2-4 years, 5-6 years, and 7-10 years.  If you have a daughter or know a little girl you’d like to make one for, this is a good stashbusting project, as it doesn’t take much yarn.  Paulette’s written for DK weight yarn, and I used a fingering weight yarn doubled for the baby size.

I made my first homemade pickles recently, and I’m pretty happy with the experience, though I think I’d use slightly less salt and slightly more vinegar next time.  If you’ve ever made pickles, what do you like to use?  What ratio of salt, water, and vinegar for the brine?  I followed a recipe, since it was my first time, but my pickles lack the punch of my favorite kosher dills.

I’ve decided to offer my Viena Silky for trade.  It’s gorgeous yarn, but I can’t seem to get happy with most variegated yarns, and I think I’d prefer a solid skein of Malabrigo Silky, or, heck, something else altogether.  If you have a skein you’d be interested in trading with me, drop me a line.  I’d rather trade than sell, and I’d love to see this yarn go where it can be used and appreciated.  My favorite colors are autumnal, but I’ll consider any shade, really.

That’s probably enough random items for one post, eh?

Pauline and Paulette

February 24, 2009

Pauline first: I noticed an error when I was rereading the pattern the other night.  I have no idea how I missed it for so long, but here’s the correction:  For the smaller size, when you reach the Back Shaping, Row 1 should read, “Knit 39 sts,” instead of the 40 stitches it currently specifies. If you downloaded the pattern from Ravelry, you should have received an email to this effect.  I’ve updated the pattern on here and on Ravelry, so if you download it from here on out, it should be correct.

On to Paulette.

I took some modeled shots of the 4T Paulette today.  In French, the -ette suffix is like the Spanish -ita; it’s a diminutive nickname implying youth and cuteness.  I figured Paulette was the perfect name for the diminutive Pauline.

As much as I love the ties on this pattern, I think they could be a strangling hazard for younger children, so the smaller sizes will have a short under-the-chin strap with a snap.  I’ll be making a wee(er) version of Paulette in pale pale pink before I release the pattern.  But I wanted to show off my pretty girl before then (and also, I wanted to have something to blog about – so much of what I’m doing lately is not very interesting to look at) so here are some of the pictures now.

Hopefully, I’ll have a really small Paulette to show you shortly!  Then all I need to do is find a baby to borrow.

Makes me happy

February 23, 2009

I made a simple mushroom and barley soup for lunch the other day, and you know, it’s a small thing, but man, it was so good.

I love when something simple turns out well.  I used shitake mushrooms when I’d usually use crimini mushrooms, and I was out of chicken broth, so I created a broth out of the onions and mushrooms and a little bit of white wine and soy sauce.  Good stuff.

Also good: Classic Elite Moorland.

I’m writing a new version of my Pauline pattern, this one for littlies.  I’m going with sizes new person through nine year old person, and I wanted to find some good yarns to use for the project.  The Moorland is a lovely soft yarn with a beautiful halo of mohair and alpaca, and it comes in the most gorgeous smoky colors.  Seriously, when I saw it, I ended up standing in front of the various shades for what seemed an age, just mesmerized by the subtle tones.  I was torn between the dusty lavender I ultimately picked and a beautiful smoky rose or a muddied blue.  This is a very rich yarn with a lot of depth.

The end result is so soft, so luxurious, so subtle and sophisticated…I’m in love.  The yarn has the lovely halo of mohair but none of the scratchiness that can sometimes occur.  The only thing I’d warn you about is that the yarn did have a tendency to shed as I was knitting with it, but I think it’s all worthwhile.  It’s like knitting with a kitten.

The flower is made with a little Felted Tweed all doubled up and the leaves are leftover Malabrigo in Stone Blue.  I’d originally planned green leaves, but Eleanor, who is the intended owner of this hat, expressed a preference for blue, and I think her instincts were right on with this one.

I’m going to make a baby sized version with a snapping chin strap rather than ties – no choking or strangling hazards for new little people – and then I’ll release the pattern.  I’m going to use a different DK yarn for the baby version.  I thought it might be helpful to folks to see how it looks in a couple of different yarns, and to get some ideas of substitutes.  The best thing about these smaller hats is how little yarn they use.  It’s a great way to use up a bit of lovely soft stuff that you’ve got lying about.